2-Year-Old Dies of “Cardiovascular Collapse” at Belmont

In the 4th at Belmont today, “Fancy Persuasion…bolted outwards…while bobbling and taking bad steps against the stout restraint of the rider, had the rider nearly stand up restraining his charge…before falling over the hedge separating the two turf courses.” We now know that she “fell over the hedge” because, in the words of the Daily Racing Form, she “suffered a cardiovascular collapse and died.” Fancy Persuasion had just turned two – the rough equivalent of a first-grader. And she’s dead of heart failure. Defend that, apologists.

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  1. Another two year old dead….Breaks my heart, and everyone else reading this should feel the same way.
    It’s horrific treatment of wonderful animals.

  2. I saw this happen..it looked like the poor horse was trying to escape from the pack. Of course
    they say the bare minimum. I kept looking at the blood horse site of replays and it was deleted out. They went from race. 3 to 5. Also there seems to be a great influx of these heart issues lately. I was hoping that the horse jumped the fence where he was headed and was ok. It was raining when this race was going on. Just keep those 2 buck bets coming rain hail sleet or snow.
    o sorry baby (and it was raining too


  3. I saw a lot of posts on twitter where people assumed she had broken down. She was traveling very erratically and looked to take some bobbling steps in the head on replay of the race. I’ll be curious if she actually had a muskuloskeletal injury before her “cardiovascular” accident. And, she had JUST turned 2 on June 10! So most of her training and timed workouts occurred when she was still 1!

    • I watched this race as well, made me sick and worried about what happened to her.
      Ortiz should have pulled at the beginning, it was obvious she was in distress from the very beginning.

  4. Bred, owned and trained by Wesley Ward!
    Four timed workouts in May, plus two in June !! Then dead on 30 June . Six mini races in the matter of 6 weeks for a horse that was about to turn 2 !!!!
    And what caused a cardiovascular collapse in this overworked filly???!
    No necropsy and no toxicology reports ! Will there be any??
    What these people get away with is mind boggling.

    PS Read the footnotes on this race.
    Sounds like mayhem and yet the race was declared “official”.

    • Yes, Rose, I read the racing notes from Equibase and the description of the race was truly disturbing. It reminded me of a ride at the local amusement park that I went to as a kid….Bumper Cars. The ride was chaotic, as it was meant to be, as cars slammed into each other.

      Just a couple days ago, one of my racing contacts told me about a horse “tying up” after a timed workout. I asked her to please tell the stewards but she said they already knew (this had happened before) and they didn’t care because filling the cards is paramount in racing.

      Nothing in this vile industry of horseracing shocks me anymore except that people, who profess to love horses, still support it.

    • Even if there is a necropsy the public will never be told the truth,that would be something called transparency. Transparency is all too condemning for this dirty game. This would be an admission of guilt. All to often these cardiac events happen if there are PEDs involved. Look up Equine PEDs ….. ITPP, EPO…. etc. It will explain how this medication can lead to a sudden death cardiac event.

    • Official because she didn’t interfere with the winning horses. She died at the beginning of the race, she did almost cause another horse to fall down, don’t know who the other jockey was but he probably saved that other horse’s life.

  5. Probably pumped full of drugs by ignorant race
    employees. She was suffering and anxious, I am
    sure—- the poor baby (and she is a baby!) These horses are too young to be abused on these race tracks. Instead of waiting till a horse is 6 or 7years old, they begin racing them too young and too early.
    Their legs are not strong enough for the race track
    pounding. Animal abuse, death and people’s greed: this is racing today.

  6. Poor poor baby is right. How awful these horses must feel, being forced to run all the time whether they are well or not. Horseracing is a vile inhumane sport. People stop going and paying for this to continue. What short horrible lives these beautiful have to pay for by these greedy gross trainers, owners, and veteranians,, who give them shots of drugs to run on injuries. HORRIBLE ONLY 2 YRS OLD.

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