I Am a Terrorist (According to a Paulick Report Column, That Is)

A “commentary” in Monday’s Paulick Report, presented with my replies in bold…

“Don’t Let Animal Rights ‘Terrorists’ Make Horse Racing Go The Way Of Circus Elephants” – by Alan Pincus, an attorney in Pennsylvania

“I went to work at the track in 1965 because of my abiding love for horses. No one can question my love for the animal.” I can, and I will. You can love horses. You can love horseracing. You can’t love both.

“However, there is a faction of society that does not love our game. These are the animal rights terrorists whose agenda is nothing less than the ending of racing altogether.” If that’s to be the definition of a “terrorist,” then yes, I am a terrorist.

“They don’t want horses to be subjected to the inherently dangerous sport of racing.” Yes. “Instead, horses should be treated as pets.” So – horses shouldn’t be treated as well as our dogs, Mr. Pincus? “They shouldn’t be treated with medication for their aches and pains…” Whence the “aches and pains,” Mr. Pincus? “They shouldn’t be hit with whips…” So, they should be hit with whips, Mr. Pincus? “They should be given a lifetime home when their racing days are over at anybody’s expense but the terrorists.” Of course it is we, the advocates, who should be financially responsible for this multi-billion dollar industry’s refuse. Speechless.

“The animal rights terrorists are not interested in the thousands of jobs that racing provides and the sheer joy that it gives its participants. They believe racing is an anachronism that must be ended.” Yes, yes, yes.

“If they stated the above positions people would not respond to their radical agenda. So they nibble at the edges, getting naïve and frightened stakeholders in the industry to slowly accede to their demands. But have no doubt we are on the slippery slope toward the animal rights terrorists’ ultimate goal. These people cannot be placated. They are true believers who are much more dedicated to their goals than the leaders of our industry are to ours. In that sense they are tougher than we are.” No “nibbling at the edges” here at HW; our goal is clear and concise. And yes, we are more dedicated than you – ending cruelty and killing is quite the motivator.

“So we try to calm them down by suggesting that we should use cotton balls instead of whips. We try to get them to stop screaming by stating that one breakdown is unacceptable when we can never guarantee that to be true. …we must admit that there is no way to guarantee that horses will not break down.” Thank you.

“The Stronach Group has presided over the death of California racing. What used to be the crown jewel of racing is now a laughing stock. Congratulations. They tried to appease the animal rights terrorists by implying that Lasix is somehow linked to breakdowns. Are you serious? And now, they have used Jerry Hollendorfer as a sacrificial lamb.” While right on the last two counts, what is Pincus doing here but scapegoating Stronach? Horseracing kills horses, everywhere. In 2018: Turf, 45 dead; Charles Town, 60 dead; Belmont, 29 dead; Gulfstream, 55 dead; Los Alamitos, 40 dead; Prairie, 24 dead; Laurel, 39 dead; Penn, 45 dead; and on and on and on.

“Are there no horseman’s groups willing to defend our game? Are there no industry groups that will defend racing against the onslaught of the animal rights terrorists? Or are we cowering in the corner hoping no other horse breaks down lest we lose the game we love entirely?” Good luck fighting facts, truth, and right.

“Now is the time for people to stop apologizing about the greatest game in the world before it goes the way of elephants in the circus.” I’m sure you love a good bet, Mr. Pincus; care to wager on Racing’s future?


  1. Well , Patrick, you are no terrorist except to the extent that you strike terror in the hearts of all those who belly up to the Racing commissions every month for their take of the handle. It’s in every minute that the handle is divided amongst unnamed “charities“ that includes every nonprofit in the area.

    It will be the public who decides. And with the incontrovertible truth in your reports, the yes or no question is answered. No one wants to see a collapse, wrong step, went bad, vanned off or failed to pull up. We all know that deceptive code words such as those translates to horse died.

    • “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

      I think this quote is a perfect by line for Horse Racing Wrongs. And I am proud to be counted among the “terrorist” .

  2. Touche’ Patrick!
    Mr. Pincus, I started my love of racing in the 70’s and worked at a major breeding farm in KY. I loved working with the foals, and later with yearlings, preparing them for sale. As I grew older and wiser and became aware of what was really happening at the racetrack, my love for the horses turned to fear. I went to the races afraid that in every race I watched, a horse would be injured or worse.
    Thank you Patrick, for letting the public know the real stats of how many horses are injured/euthanized in this “sport”.
    No, Mr. Pincus, I am not a terrorist, just a girl who grew up loving horses and racing.
    “You can love horses, you can love racing, you can’t love both anymore”.

    • Yes you are absolutely a terrorist. You plan on uprooting and disturbing a traditional human animal relationship that has been developed over thousands of years. Not only that you silence any voice that might be of opposition as you did mine when I tried to provide another side to this debate. I have no idea as to whether or not you are Christian sir even though I honestly have my doubts. However, it’s stated as thus in the Bible …

      And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

      In case you don’t understand that horses, dogs, cats, cattle, fish and every other living animal you can imagine belong to man. He gave us these things to provide for us on a scale of many levels and I for one do not appreciate your telling me that in loving a horse from birth until death is an injust or inhumane way to treat MY godly anointed animals. Crawl back into the filthy hole you crawled out of Mr. Patrick because you sir are a rat.

      • Whenever I log onto this site, I generally find nothing to laugh about in its pages. Thank you for changing that, “John Doe.”
        Oh, and I seriously hope Patrick does not “silence” you by deleting your hilarious post; others ought to be given the chance to laugh at your ridiculousness as well;)

      • Funny, I read that same Bible verse and realize that when God said he gave us Dominion over the animals, that he means us to take care of what he has given us. If o give my child a nice toy and they treat it with disrespect, I do not consider that the child has executed anything but what I would consider “unrighteous” dominion over something that they were entrusted with. Animal rights and Christianity are NOT inherently at odds with each other. Only the Christian who is trying to justify actions that could only otherwise be considered inhumane uses scripture in that way

      • Religion should never justify the massive oppression, pain, suffering, and dying that this business perpetuates on their voiceless victims every single day.

      • Since you want to try to use the Bible to justify the treatment of race horses, what about Proverbs 12:10? “The righteous man regardeth the life of his beast ; but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”
        That last part seems to sum up the owners and trainers who claim to love their horses and treat them like family.

        And when God gave man dominion over the animals, it wasn’t with the implication that he could treat them however he saw fit. The actual meaning is “caretaker”.

  3. On the subject of “terrorists”

    The horses are TERRORIZED as they are whipped, drugged , beaten and slaughtered/murdered.
    I have seen it in their eyes.

    Ray Paulick on the other hand is TERRIFIED that he is going to lose his livelihood.

    Money is his God.

  4. On the subject of TERROR

    Horses are TERRORIZED as they are beaten, drugged and slaughtered /murdered in relation to the racetrack

    Ray Paulick is TERRIFIED he is going to lose his job when horse racing is ended since money is his God.

    Click on Link to see the TERROR in the horses eyes


    June 29, 2019 · by canadianhorsedefencecoalition ·

    The CHDC is making available documents obtained through Access to Information regarding information related to US loads of horses admitted or rejected for immediate slaughter, from September 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. One trailer was refused admittance due to a non-ambulatory horse. Various conditions were reported including forty-four horses blind in one eye and 32 recorded as being “off”. Many of the Standardbreds listed have been identified according to the tattoo/freeze brand provided. Horses entering Canada for immediate slaughter are not held but must be slaughtered within four days of arriving at the plant:

    Standardbreds Identified by Tattoo Number
    Name Tattoo Foaling Date/Place Notes

    Images of horses inside a number of trailers were included and depict the crowded conditions endured on their long journey, with wounds visible on some.

    This group is Working to ban horse slaughter in Canada.


  6. I worked as a clerical secretary at one of the horse racing commissions so I often typed reports that involved these 2 monsters.
    I’m now retired so I can say what I’m about to say and I probably won’t comment again because these people can get to anybody – anytime.
    Alan Pincus and Clark Brewster are legal gangsters who operate above the law for many years.
    They’ve made millions representing the HBPA especially in Pennyslvania where deeply ingrained rampant corruption is going on.
    Here’s just a glimpse into their activities, but there are hundreds of articles to support the claims that I’m making here:




    Both Pincus and Carl Brewster own and have owned a ton of racehorses while monopolizing stalls, purse money and organizing the outcome of racehorses based on what I read and saw.
    I was a loyal employee one that they could count on to keep her mouth shut – not anymore.
    They will only send their horses to a trainer who has a long history of doping/labor violations .
    Pincus, Brewster form “partnerships” (David Jacobson, Summertime Racing – owners unknown/not listed, Michael Dubb, Bethlehem Stables – owners unknown/not etc. etc and all of these “partners” have a long history of the similar or the same business operation patterns including suspicious deaths where they were claiming insurance on the racehorses who died.

    Now I ask the public: who do you think the “terrorists” are?

  7. You can always tell when you have made an argument that the other side cannot refute because they will resort to name calling and smear tactics. There is not one shred of logic that defines horse racing as anything other than abuse on every level imaginable, and it’s time for this industry to stop cringing at the throne of the almighty dollar and fade into yet another chapter of man’s sordid history.

  8. Both Alan Pincus and Clark Brewster use their legal jargon to put out their message over the years, but strip away all their fancy words and what you’re left with is 2 apologists who have intentionally dumped (either via claiming or otherwise) hundreds of racehorses after they are done with them.
    We have 2 people who continue to support trainers with multiple doping violations, racehorses dying under their care, custody, and control, and rips hard working people (including woman and their children) off for their hard labor taking care of their million dollar horses according to recent allegations, but also proven in a court of law previously on several occasions.
    In between all of this chaos is a voiceless victim being used, abused, dumped, and killed with no animal cruelty laws protecting them.
    If you can’t see the moral aspect of killing racehorses then just look at the human rights violations going on.
    This business exploits the weak, the vulnerable and the voiceless on all accounts – racehorses or humans.
    Alan, if I had a choice to be called either an apologist or terrorist – I would choose terrorist under your definition because we care, protect and continue to be a voice for your voiceless victims.
    Your words mean nothing to those of us who want to put an end to this massive suffering and dying.
    It’s a vile business and a criminal enterprise that needs to shut down.

  9. I just left a reply on the latest post of the Paulick Report. I can’t wait to see what kind of responses I get from the the people labeling those of us against horse racing “the screaming snowflake mob”.

    • I just got my first response on my comment on the Paulick Report from Mustameet ( guest).
      Quote ” Thousands…..you’re either stupid or a master of exaggeration. “

  10. Alan have you googled yourself lately? You would be akin to being the pot calling the kettle black,https://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/30/us/casino-cash-fuels-use-of-injured-horses-at-racetracks.html. callin people that truely love the horse a terrorist, all the while defending almost every drug cheat in pa, has got to be one of the most laughable statements ive ever read. You love the game because it is much like yourself, corrupt to the core, has no moral compass, and integrity and transparency are just words. While being a fantastic lawyer, you sure arent doing anything to help the horse or the game, you know that you love so much. It is a shame paulick let you pen this shit piece article,being you and him are well aware of the recent histories of penn national and parx racing.

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