Dead: My Majestic Rose, Battleofthebulge

My Majestic Rose is dead after “breaking down” while training at Keeneland last week. Speaking to Horse Racing Nation, which only covered this because My Majestic was coming off a “stakes” win (in other words, had she been one of the several more-pedestrian horses who die daily, there would not have been a peep), trainer Rodolphe Brisset said, “It hit me pretty hard. This one was one of the toughest I’ve ever had.”

From Fox Hill Farms (Facebook), June 13: “It was a sad morning for us at Fox Hill Farm and in the Larry Jones barn. We lost Battleofthebulge this morning. We do not know what happened. He was just getting tacked up to go out to the track and kept wanting to lay down. They let him lay down, and then he started hemorrhaging internally. It was a very severe hemorrhage with no chance of saving him. The vet could only guess that he perhaps had some disease. We are all extremely sad for Battle. He was a really nice, classy horse, and we hate that his life was claimed far too early. RIP…

Vile. Horseracing.

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  1. No sport is worth all this death. When will it be ended these horses do not deserve this vile abuse there lives DO matter and these deaths are sickening

  2. So heartbreaking! Just sick that this bloodsport is allowed to continue. Shut them down!!

  3. Just don’t believe the trainers story – I don’t believe that any of these owners and trainers give a shit about any of these horses, because if they did things would be entirely different at these race tracks. One of the toughest I have ever had – Jesus that doesn’t sit well with me either. How god damn tough are they supposed to be – does that mean tough enough to handle all of the abuse that you people put on these horses – this is one sickening god damn event that needs to be stopped immediately. Horses are dying painful deaths daily that never would be happening if this sport was halted. Get rid of all of the tracks and these losers called owners and trainers. Horses deserve so much better than what they are receiving – this is just horrible abuse.

  4. They say that racehorses “love to race” and “are born to race”. While they may be bred to race, they do not “love” to race. They race because they are forced to by their owners and trainers. Given the choice, they would not be on a track racing their guts out and usually full of drugs that no horse should ever have put into its system. They are also bred to die on the track, in their stalls, in the paddock. The alternative for too many is to be shipped to auctions where they are bought for shipping and, eventually, slaughter. The lucky ones escape these fates and are retired humanely. The upshot is, far too many racehorses are bred each year. Far too many don’t make the cut and suffer the consequences. Or, far too many break down and die. I’m not against racing. I am against inhumane treatment of horses of any kind in any discipline. This includes the buggy communities that prey on our cast offs and have their own terrible form of abuse while they use these animals. Unfortunately, they seem to fly under the radar because most people don’t see what goes on in their communities and don’t give a rats ass anyway. They also believe that they have a lovely, tranquil life on the farm. That is so far from the truth. I can tell horrendous stories of what happens to horses, dogs, children, wives of the Mennonite and Amish people to keep everyone “in line” by the men. Horses can and should always be treated with respect, knowledge, kindness and proper care. They have become “disposable” in our “disposable” society. Just like plastic water bottles. They are cast off after just a few years of abuse and service. This must end.

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