It’s 35: I Give You the Six “Other” Dead Horses of Santa Anita

Through a request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have been able to confirm the names of the six heretofore unidentified dead horses at Santa Anita this meet:

Henry, Jan 14
Ponchito, Jan 22
Mongolian Hunter, Jan 28
Cooney, Mar 4
Rolling Shadow, Apr 4
Current Times, May 27

For a historical parallel on these “non-racing” deaths: Roughly 620,000 soldiers died during the American Civil War. That’s a fairly well-known number. But what most don’t know is that roughly two-thirds of those died of disease. And they don’t because no moral distinction is – or should be – drawn between those felled by dysentery and those by gunshot. Simply, the War was responsible for all. Similarly, every death in horseracing is by horseracing. Cooney, Battle of Midway – not a scintilla of difference.


  1. As far as their owners are concerned, that’s just six more that couldn’t be thrown on the meat wagon. The deaths of these six newly-identified horses IS sad and depressing, but we can find some solace in the fact that their loving owners didn’t get to squeeze a few extra bucks out of their carcasses.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you. The fate these poor horses meet if they fail to win and bring in winning money is horrific, and the owners couldn’t give a damn. This needs to stop. Incredibly cruel sport.

    • Horse racing should be banned permanently. These horrible deaths are another example of the inhumanity of so called humans. And if they live to outlive their usefulness, they are sent to slaughter. Another example of the failed human experiment.

      • I couldn’t have said it better Cathy. I am a horse person, and my three are spoiled rotten, as they should be. They are such giving animals, and my heart aches every time i see that another has fallen. I have a thought, and i could be wrong, but it needs to be investigated. I rescued a paint horse who was 3, and i was told he had juvenile arthritis, and navicular syndrome. The vet suggested Osphos. I did research, and it is the same drug given to older women with osteoporosis. These drugs dont work as they make the bones very brittle, and as it turns out, many women were falling as a result of a broken bone, NOT falling, then breaking the bone. It is widely used on horses for any lameness. I am afraid this drug could also be a culprit. Needless to say i did not use it on my horse, and he is well now. Just let him grow a heel. What a concept.

    • They have life insurance on them so if they die racing they get there millions of dollars i know a few people that race horses but out of his 60 years racing he put 4 down at the track he was exercising one gelding casper and he went down in a hold shatered his spinal cord so he got shot right there he has brought 20 horses home safe and 10 that had been injured 1 had a busted back she lived to be 33 before we found her dead

  2. I am so sick and tired of reading about the abuse at this god damn race track. Why is it still operating while constantly “killing off” these gorgeous horses. You must have the worst bunch of bastards on the planet that own and train these poor animals. It is horrific what you are doing to them. You dope them, you treat them like shit, you beat them, you whip them, you starve them, you have them up for sale in claiming races for “50 TIMES” until they just drop dead and you have the god damn audacity to call yourselves horse people. Well I am a horse person a certified SPCA care giver, handler and transporters of equine stock and never in my life would I even for a moment consider doing anything to these poor animals that you bastards do on a daily basis. You are all murderers of the worst kind and I hope to hell this shit hole track gets shut down and the sooner the better – we need to be rid of your constant slaughter of these gorgeous animals. Shame on each and everyone of you bastards!!!!

    • Thank you for speaking up Cathy! Something MAJOR needs to be done to stop this!! SURELY there are people around that have some power to do it!!!!!! Please help those that can’t help themselves!

    • I so agree, Cathy. What so many sub-humans do to horses is simply despicable. And do you know, people are rescuing Budweiser Clydesdales from kill pens too? Once a horse’s so called usefulness is over, it’s off to whatever horrific fate awaits, without a backward glance from the owners who really don’t care at all. It’s way past time to get horseracing outlawed! Those that have abused these beautiful animals all deserve prison sentences. Santa Anita is not the only track where horses die. I think the death count may be even higher at other tracks. This has got to stop!

  3. I have nothing to add to your comment Cathy. You said it very well. Thank you.

  4. Well said
    Shame Shame Shame on these Horrible Humans, Karmas A Bitch & I hope They get what’s coming to them. This Is Totally Unacceptable, it should be A Felony CONVICTION with Jail time

  5. Thank-you Cathy.
    We are their voice.
    The racehorses have no voice and they certainly have no protections from this vile business or under our Felony Animal Cruelty laws.
    They all count.
    I want to focus on ROLLING SHADOW because his racehorse abuser and killer is NEIL D. DRYSDALE.
    Back in 2005 this dude was killing horses on a regular basis and has been since.
    There were 3 deaths that were highly suspicious (looked like equine insurance money kills) that I was trying to look into.
    Neil seems to have a direct link to the wagering company called Betfair according to some information and most there have direct links to the multi-billion dollar wagering companies who count on them to fill a race and a bet with a horse that they know will either not win or will drop dead for insurance money – that was the way it seemed.
    That’s precisely why they want their doping/vet records kept secret.
    Again, my investigations as a supposed “neutral” Associate Steward was constantly blocked.
    I was told to “back-off,” and it was so frustrating because I knew that one day it would come to this – that finally these low life evil racehorse killing bastards would be exposed for what they are.
    Unfortunately, many racehorses have died because this vile business and the vile people in it don’t give a damn.
    Despite what they say, they are delusional apologists because if you really cared then you wouldn’t be doing this to a racehorse to begin with.
    These tracks have been dictating to our politicians and our communities for way too long now.
    They can turn the racehorse into a slave, but are we going to let them turn us into their dumb slaves as well?

    Will officials wait until another 35 are raced to death?
    SHAME!!! SUCH GREED!!! 👺

  7. Horse racing for gambling and thrills is ancient but the pressure to win by any and all means, the increase in racetracks, high costs and extreme competition has been disproportioned in the 20th century and today, now with transparency, is being exposed for the cruel, greedy and abusive horse racing sport it has become. Granted there are owners who claim to “love” their horse, but when it comes down to win or lose, with millions of dollars are at stake, they conveniently turn the other way while the horse suffers extreme pressure to train and compete at the very cost of its life. These stakes, along with this winking at violence, should be off the table.

  8. 29 or 35 – its so wrong and I can’t understand why so many horses die and yet the racing still continues. Surely the authorities check this out. I am sure that here in the UK there would be an outrage. I stand with Kathy’s comments.

    • Andrea I don’t think it would be any better here in the UK it’s a money thing always will be money is the root of all that is evil

  9. Entertainment and feeding human greed is the longstanding pain we as a species cause. As our numbers grow, our willingness to inflict harm increases exponentially. Whether it be for food or “sh_ts and giggles”, we as humans care less and less what price these animals pay. I am ashamed of human beings.

  10. Here here Cathy I’m not a horse owner but I agree 100% what you said they don’t deserve a beautiful animal like a horse it makes me feel soooo mad that I can’t get my hands on the lot of them and stick them all in a sesspit where they belong

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