Horse “Returns Bleeding From Nostrils” Twice in Four Races; Another Horse Whipped “Despite Appearing to Struggle,” Eventually “Vanned Off” Also Having Bled

Breaking Boundary in the 5th at Belmont Sunday: “grew detached at the tail of the field…bobbled midway…continued along to the finish well behind receiving taps [lashes] to the near side a furlong out despite appearing to struggle, was pulled up…vanned off and reported to have bled” (Equibase). Jockey: Edwin Rivera.

Billy Youre Fired in the 3rd at Parx Monday: “stopped abruptly after half a mile, was eased and returned bleeding from the nostrils.” Three races back, March 30, same track: “BILLY YOURE FIRED stopped badly before a quarter mile and was eased through the stretch and returned bleeding from the nostrils.” Two bleeds in four races. Trainer: Alfredo Velazquez; owner: Anita Velazquez.

Vile. Animal abuse. Horseracing.

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  1. This is such BS. Anyone allowing this should face felony charges. I can’t even believe this. These people are getting greedy and are wanting them to die to cash in on the insurance!!,

  2. I cannot it’s from drugs they are pumped full of. They are going to answer to this abuse one day.

  3. What in the hell do you think is causing this abuse to these animals – well let’s just look at the doping factor. No horse just up and starts to bleed from the nostrils – these poor animals are drugged steady and it just keeps going on daily. Then they all have no answers as to why there are broken legs, etc for God sakes you don’t even have to give this a second thought to see how much abuse is taking place. Shut down these “death traps” and get rid of all of these tracks. These owners and trainers do not give a shit about the animals it is always and will always be about the MONEY – nothing else no matter what they are claim – it is only money. You bastards will all pay one day – karma just has a way of happening and it will most definitely happen to all of your abusers and killers. Shame on all of you effin bastards!!

  4. Why the bleeding nostrils? Why not just wait until the animal is done growing? Why not ease off training? Or stop racing?

  5. I wIsh for JUSTICE of these horses. I also wish those who are responsible are horse-whipped to feel the same pain as the animals they TORTURE. Then thrown in jail on a felony charges for ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!

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