Both NTRA and Jockey Club Refuse to Support Ban on Horse Slaughter

House bill 961 – The “Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2019” – would prohibit “the knowing sale or transport of equines or equine parts in interstate or foreign commerce for purposes of human consumption.” In other words, it would officially ban horse slaughter in the U.S. (currently, inspections for equine slaughterhouses have simply been de-funded, something that could change any year now) and – and here’s the crucial part – the transport of horses to slaughter. Though I don’t like the bill’s title or the ostensible motivation – “to prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines raised in the United States” – it would truly be a monumental win, the end of the shackle-hoist-slash-bleedout of America’s horses.

But – the industry, as represented by the various alphabet trade-groups, refuses to endorse. Imagine that, especially in light of the desperate times in which they currently find themselves. From a recent Daily Racing Form article:

“The [National Thoroughbred Racing Association’s] Waldrop was asked if his coalition of racing interests would lead the charge to support passage of the SAFE Act and end horse slaughter as an issue hanging over the head of the sport. His response: ‘While we strongly oppose the slaughter of Thoroughbreds for human consumption, NTRA members and affiliates represent a wide spectrum of views regarding a legislated ban on slaughter, so we have for the last several years chosen to remain neutral on the [Act].’ Asked the same question, James Gagliano of The Jockey Club echoed, ‘The Jockey Club board hasn’t taken a formal position on this particular act. However, we have a policy that says The Jockey Club is unequivocally opposed to the slaughter or processing of Thoroughbreds for consumption by humans or animals.'”

The article goes on to quote Washington lobbyist Chris Heyde: “As much as racing is getting beat up right now, you would think they would jump at the chance to get behind passage of the act. There is absolutely zero potential of loss on this issue. And the support is there. Senator [Mitch] McConnell supports the ban, and he’s the majority leader. I think a lot of it has just kind of been apathy. The legislation is there. It languishes. And the slaughter trade continues…”

The perhaps two most influential racing organizations in the country refuse to take a meaningful (supporting legislation) stand against slaughter. “I think a lot of it has just kind of been apathy.” Apathy – as multiple thousands are brutally and violently massacred every year. The lie of “equine welfare” laid bare for all to see, yet again.

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  1. INDICTING THEMSELVES – yet again.
    The horse racing business REQUIRES the massive dumping of their profit slaves (the racehorses) after they are through maiming them for $2 bets.
    Just as they require racehorses to die, daily, for their $2 bets.
    Many of posting here are all too familiar with the thoroughbreds found dumped at the kill auctions.
    While this has been going on for years, the industry continues to boast about their “record sales and wagering profits.”
    We are talking in the billions with every single cent made off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses.
    This business is talking out of both sides of their mouths, public wallpaper as usual, and it’s up to us to put an end to this vile and unacceptable crap that they put out year after year.
    How stupid do they think people are?
    We need to ensure our politicians STOP financially supporting this repulsive public butcher show because track closures are sure to follow.
    SHAME ON ANY politician who supports this, who endorses millions of casino profits going to this while they deprive taxpayers and communities the money should be theirs – NOT the horse racing business.

  2. The NTRA and the TJC declare that they’re strongly opposed to the slaughtering of thoroughbreds for human consumption, yet they do not support the bill, the SAFE Act ?
    Actions speak louder than words.
    Their refusal to support this House bill 961 can only mean that they’re not genuine about being “strongly opposed” to the slaughtering of thoroughbreds for human consumption.
    How utterly shameful!

  3. when you say “I think a lot of it has just kind of been apathy.” is TOTALLY FALSE – these 2 SICK & DEMENTED ORGANIZATIONS who are the heads of racing in America are some of the most DEMENTED PEOPLE ON THE PLANET – it is absolutely NOT “apathy” , where would these horses go? there are NO HOMES FOR THOROUGHBREDS, they are an unwanted & the MOST LOYAL BREED, high-strung from poor “training” & hurried production,& beatings & drugs, also they are bred for these “attributes” for the track, they are not for the weekend cowboys or show riders of today, thoroughbreds used to be all people rode in days of old, so they had homes after racing careers, but they where bred and cared for MUCH better than they are now. there is ONE PLACE for a 3-4 year old broken down or highstrung horse and that IS THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE, VERY FEW PEOPLE can ride them or dare to take the time to “train” them properly once their careers are over. there is NOT A BREED OF HORSE ON THE PLANET BETTER SUITED FOR ANY SPORT OR SEVERAL SPORTS AT ONCE OR JUST A PLEASURE MOUNT THAN A PROPERLY TRAINED & CARED FOR THOROUGHBRED, they are the MOST LOYAL, SENSITIVE, OUTSTANDING MOUNTS ON THE PLANET, A THOROUGHBRED WILL BREAK ITS HEART TO PLEASE ITS CARING, CAPABLE OWNERS. but this is a “give it to me NOW” world, where patience & understanding of such SENSITIVE, CARING, OUTSTANDING creatures, people want,slow,dumb-bloods ( I call them), who are instant rides that take no brains or sensitivity to ride, even MOST of the “top trainers” in the U.S don’t want thoroughbreds,I will BET that it is about 5% that WANT thoroughbreds, the other overwhelming majority want dumb-bloods,simple & EASY to manipulate & force into their world,( a thoroughbred is not one to be manipulated or forced to do ANYTHING, they actually take a person with a brain to bring out their QUALITY ATTRIBUTES, instead of taking the time & a LITTLE BIT OF PATIENCE for a GREAT horse they choose mediocrity, because it is easy. SO once racing does end, the slaughter vans will be FILLED TO CAPACITY WITH VERY YOUNG ,FULL OF LIFE THOROUGHBREDS, for there is NOWHERE FOR THEM TO GO, almost every thoroughbred rescue in the country is filled to capacity with them, they are a dime a dozen & you can get some of the best horses you ever sat on for a few hundred dollars or less. – THIS IS NOT APATHY- SLAUGHTER IS NECESSARY FOR THIS BLOOD “SPORT” TO CONTINUE, THEY MUST GET RID OF THE OLD & MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW EVERY YEAR. so off to the slaughterhouses they go , BY THE THOUSANDS, & any statistics you may find on how many actually cross our borders to their SICKENING DEATH, are LIES, they cross the borders by the THOUSANDS EVERY WEEK, JAMMED LIKE CHICKENS INTO DEATH VANS , this is the most sickening brutal end on the planet for such AMAZING SENTIENT CREATURES, but make no mistaking the quarter horse business, the Tennessee walkers business, standardbreds…. are NO DIFFERENT , HORSES ARE BRUTALIZED IN EVERY “SPORT” in the united states , EVERY HORSE SPORT IS OVERRUN WITH DRUGS DRUGS & MORE DRUGS & THE INNOCENT ARE BRUTALIZED IN EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE TO ANY OUTSIDERS who don’t see what goes on in the barns DAILY. “horse people” are sick fCKS & they get rid of the old & in with the new once the needles stop working. this is not a thoroughbred only brutalization, actually, i believe quarterhorses send more over the borders then thoroughbreds. so KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU DO HERE & PLEASE DONT STOP, THERE IS MUCH WORK TO BE DONE TO SAVE THESE MAJESTIC, SWEET, LOVING, SENSITIVE CREATURES .

  4. PLEASE call the congressional representatives of your state and ask them to co-sponsor and support the SAFE ACT HR 961. It is in committee right now. Our Representatives must get on board with this, and the only way to end the slaughter of our American horses, is to pass this legislation. Every state has Representatives,…..many of you have 6, 7, or 8 Representatives representing your state. PLEASE call ALL of them and ask them to support the SAFE ACT HR 961. Go to and push the button that says Representatives, and find your state’s. Ask your family and friends to call, too!

  5. Apathy? No way! — GREED. #Yes2SAFE . Please call 202-224-3121 and tell Congress that you want H.R.961 brought to the floor for a vote. Currently there are 149 cosponsors.

  6. Both NTRA and Jockey Club Refuse to Support Ban on Horse Slaughter

    “The perhaps two most influential racing organizations in the country refuse to take a meaningful (supporting legislation) stand against slaughter. “I think a lot of it has just kind of been apathy.” Apathy – as multiple thousands are brutally and violently massacred every year. The lie of “equine welfare” laid bare for all to see, yet again.”

    This SUMS it Up Perfectly.
    They Flat out do NOT Care if these horses are VIOLENTLY murdered.

    Thank You Patrick
    for your incredible support of Horses and for the exposure of the EVIL That is called “horseracing”

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