“Catastrophic Fracture,” “Massive Hemorrhage,” “Ruptures,” and “Tears” – This, California, Is Horseracing

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have confirmed the following deaths at that state’s tracks in 2018. (Please note: The Board redacted the names of the dead horses; any identifications below came via other channels.)

Rewired, August 5, Santa Rosa R
“Horse pulled up with catastrophic fracture to LF – multiple sesamoid fractures. Treated with 7 mg Detomidine on track, set Kimzy splint and vanned off. After further evaluation, humane euthanasia was elected.”

unidentified, August 8, Del Mar T
Fracture of the proximal sesamoid bones complete, displaced, comminuted. Rupture of the annular palmar and the intersesamoidean ligaments. Tear and significant fraying of the deep digital flexor tendon. Tear of superficial digital flexor tendon. Tear of the suspensory ligament. Tear of the distal sesamoidean ligament. Rupture of the collateral lateral ligament. Significant fraying of the cruciate sesamoidean ligaments. Rupture and fraying of the short sesamoidean ligaments. Gastric ulcers.”

unidentified, August 8, Del Mar T
Rupture and massive hemorrhage of distal sesamoidean ligaments. Rupture and hemorrhage of short and cruciate sesamoidean ligaments. Rupture of the suspensory ligament. Massive hemorrhage on palmar supracondylar surface. Gastric ulcers.”

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  1. Do they test bone density of the autopsied horses? Are the vet records released with the autopsy report?

    There’s so much talk of the use of steroids in the babies, to make them big and muscular for the auctions, Then they are required to carry weights likely in excess of 10 percent of their own body weight to train for and run in races. Then they get injected with more steroids to mask the early signs of lameness.

    Exercise may be good for horses, but not when tendons and ligaments are stressed by unnatural muscle growth coupled with bone density losses from too much steroid medication.

    I lost about 20 percent of my bone density measured over 2 years by taking prednisone with chemotherapy, and also for inflammation after shoulder surgery, so I know from my own experience the horses given too many steroids probably have bone density losses contributing to the shattered bones.. .

  2. How long is it going to take to shut down these “kill zones” that you people in California call race tracks??? How god damn long?? Massive hemorrhage, ruptures and tears and you call this horse racing. This is out and out horse abuse and there is no other words for it. You people are killing off these gorgeous animals all because of your own greed. You don’t give a shit about them at all – you don’t care you are starting them way too young before their legs and bodies are ready – you don’t care about how much abuse is going on with the training – you out and out do not care about the animal only the god damn dollar. You bastards should all be doing hard time or better yet why don’t we just needle you and get rid of you. You call this horse racing – seriously you bastards are just killing them off daily and the ones you might make the day are probably on the kill list for tomorrow. What a shameful and disgraceful SPORT you are calling this – you owners and trainers all need to be done away with and shut down these f*cking tracks. Stop the horse abuse and slaughter!!!

  3. Why do they insist on racing these lovely creatures when they are so young and their bones are still green and their joints not fully knitted?

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