Preakness Day Arrives – With Multiple Kills on U.S. Tracks Yesterday

The New York Times’ headline from late last night is indicative of the way things are generally being covered in the mainstream media: “Horse Deaths at Santa Anita and Pimlico: Same Day, Same Track Owner.” Sorry, Mr. Drape (article’s writer, racing apologist), this is not about one proprietor, nor is it about drugs: Drape’s go-to on this issue, PETA – who, it must be said, is not seeking to end horseracing – is “calling for a…blood toxicology panel, and for the release of all medication and veterinary records.” Lasix did not kill these horses – and both Drape and PETA know it.

Anyway, there were other deaths on U.S. tracks yesterday, and at least one of them will never see the light of day in the vaunted “newspaper of record.” At cheap Charles Town, Misty Fly sustained the following fate in the 5th: “MISTY FLY…suffered a fatal injury, fell to the ground and was euthanized on the track” (Equibase). Prior to her death-race, the young (three) Misty Fly was being offered up for sale at the bargain-basement price of $5,000. Hence, Mr. Drape and his pen are nowhere to be found.

More likely to garner attention – because it’s another Stronach track – is Gulfstream’s (likely) kill. In the 2nd, Saratoga Breeze “fell and was vanned off.” At least one reputable source has the one-year-old – yes, one – as dead. This would make at least four kills ahead of one of Racing’s high holy days. Good luck managing this maelstrom.

In addition, there were these yesterday:

Kinetic Art “returned bleeding from the nostrils” at Belterra
Mr. Carlos “vanned off” at Evangeline
Seeking the Sunset “vanned off” at Pimlico
Blame Joe “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Fusaichi Samurai “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Sheadashingivory “bled, vanned off” at Sam Houston

Plus, multiple others “fell” and could not complete their races.

Horseracing maims. Horseracing kills. Every. Single. Day.


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  1. There should be a way to stop all this uglinest in the horse racing world. These horses are amazing animals and should be protected from such outrageous deaths!

  2. Poor Kinetic Art has bounced amongst at least 5 trainers since the start of his racing career. At one point, he was even with Sara Stanoszek, who has made a few appearances on this site (see and and This poor horse had never been a great performer. Maybe try finding him a job where he won’t be pouring blood out of his nostrils?

  3. This is absolutely disgusting. Somehow we need to reach the fans. As long as they keep attending races and spending the big bucks, nothing will change. We need to get the racing fans to boycott these races!

  4. This continues to be HORRIFYING! It MUST STOP!!!! Horses are worth more than dead meat! NO MORE RACING!!!

  5. The dirty facts behind horseracing are finally getting attention. The ‘sport’ is as much a gruesome spectator event as dog fights, cock fights, and bull ring atrocities — all in the name of entertainment, at the cost of helpless animals. Put those heartless spectators in the Roman collosseum with the lions; what fun!!

    • Justice for all these beautiful innocent animals from evil doers who only care about money 😠💔

  6. These are selfish owners and don’t give a a thought about these animals. Blood money is all they are interested in.
    The same with the track owners. They all must be sick in the head.

  7. I was given a retired racehorse (age 4 only) who had shin splints so bad. He was drugged for better performance as are many other horses. This was way back in the 80’s. I should think that testing would have been updated by now as they not only test the jockeys but also the horses for medication/drug overdosing. The same thing is done to Greyhounds. While horse racing is a great sport, it can have deadly consequences JUST LIKE FOOTBALL which I have no interest in anymore due to personal friends who have lifelong injuries as a result. Thank you for your diligence in keeping the interest alive to allow horses to live a better life.

  8. Keep letting the truth be known! Most people are not aware of this ugly, deadly sport. Besides these horses to the owners are worth more dead than alive through their insurance payment they will receive. Let’s keep fighting!

  9. This is so so cruel on so many levels! It needs to stop! I agree with you on PETA and all of the other animal rights organizations that are doing nothing to stop this!

    • These horses are TOO YOUNG to be pounded like this…..a ONE YEAR OLD RACING?????? Owner & trainer should have any licensing they have revoked.
      The really pathetic part is that at the end of any racing season, unsuccessful race horses can be purchased for MEAT PRICES…fortunately there are ‘retraining farms which will take these amazing animals in, retrain them and find them “Forever Homes”!!!!!


  11. I truly hate that these horses are raced at such young ages. 1 year old (in this article) is insane. For gods sake, their bones arent even finished growing until at least 4yrs old and to race a 1 year old… ABSOLUTELY HORRID

  12. I didnt realise the suffering horses go thru every day to get them to run. I honestly thought they loved it. Jesus how wrong can i be. Strip away the glam and posh outfits and u will see terrified horses being forced to run with painful joints or being drugged up to ignore the pain. Then what? End up on a slow boat to china to be whipped inline for the chop. Bastards from start to finish.DO NOT ATTEND RACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Horses continue to suffer acutely at the hands of exploitative owners. The horseracing industry is one aspect only of the horrific cruelty. The entire business of horseracing needs to be shut down. Behind the scenes it’s even more horrifying.

  14. After all of these years, we’ve finally been able to hear about the real side of horse racing. The truth is horrifying. These horses are magnificent and should have lived a safe and cared for life. The first time I saw a horse euthanized at the Kentucky Derby was just the tip of the iceberg. Eight Bells, a beautiful filly, life over, and so many more at the other races. Must stop.

  15. Horse racing has gotten out of control. To many young horses dying. What are they really dying from? This needs investigation and it needs to stop right now.

  16. The horses are being raced too young before their leg bones are fused. Shame shame to the uncaring owners. Greed is ruling them.

  17. As an industry insider for years I directly witnessed such horrific abuse leading up to their deaths.
    Folks, there are no bottoms when it comes to the people who are exploiting these racehorses.
    Just when I thought I saw the worse it was the ceiling.
    Yes, it took me time, too much time, to walk away, but I’m so happy that I did it.
    Unfortunately, the racehorses can’t walk away.
    They are enslaved, locked in their cages 23 hours per day, mostly sore, mostly maimed and continually doped up with no voice to defend themselves.
    It’s as if dying is better than the suffering they go through before dropping in the dirt.
    That’s how horrible it is.
    Please don’t patronize this vile business in any way, shape or form.
    Educate, sign petitions, donate if you are able, call your politicians – anything is helpful.
    So sorry for yet another bunch of innocent victims, the racehorses, for these pathetic, morally bankrupt horse racing supporters.

  18. Interesting commentary on how much horse owners consider their animals – see the below article: the owner of the horse that was disqualified in the Kentucky Derby, Maximum Security, issued a multi-million dollar challenge to the owners of some of the other horses that benefitted by the verdict. One of the things he will donate to is a disabled jockeys fund. NOWHERE does he fund ANYTHING for disabled or retired racehorses. THAT’S how much these bastards care for their horses. To me that spoke volumes. All he cares about is keeping people coming to racetracks.

    • Exactly, Arlene…the following is a quote from Maximum Security’s owner, Gary West, from the Paulick Report on 5-6-19;

      “‘You shouldn’t have 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs, because they’re a greedy organization, has rather than 14 like you have in the Kentucky Oaks, the Breeders’ Cup, every other race in America, just because they can make more money they’re willing to risk horses’ lives and peoples’ lives to do that,’ said West. ‘I’m not a fan of that.’”

      West isn’t a “fan” of putting horses’ lives at risk by racing them in a 20-horse field? What a JOKE he is…since that is EXACTLY what he did with TWO of his colts – Maximum Security and Game Winner.

  19. Racehorses who have retired are at the mercy of whoever happens to end up with them. I think it is deplorable when a horse who has won its owners millions of dollars gets no guarantee of its future care. It’s the same with quarter horses and breeding for show horses as well, I think they just don’t get as much press as the horses injured and dying on these race tracks. The whole equine business for profit scheme has no soul.

  20. This is a very sad situation and should be investigated by PETA. I would suspect that insurance payouts are the route cause for the death of these young horses since they are not paying off enough for the owners.

  21. how many horses both young and old will suffer before this ends. keep spreading and hopefully the big buggers will listen. boycott racing of any sort.

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