Noble Cause Killed at Belmont; Facade Dead at Finger Lakes

Noble Cause, a “choppy-gaited, hobbled his way down the lane, subsequently vanned off” on the chart at Belmont Saturday, is dead – euthanized back in the barn, says the NYS Gaming Commission. He had yet to turn three; this was his third race.

Also Saturday, Facade was euthanized for colic at Finger Lakes. The 5-year-old had been put to the whip 19 times, all but one in “claiming” races, meaning this poor horse was practically in a constant state of “For Sale.” Simple chattel, an expendable thing.

This is horseracing.

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  1. please continue your work. we all must face this horror and see it for the violent greed it is

  2. OMG! Will the cruelty never end? RIP Noble Cause….they can’t whip you anymore. 😥

  3. Two more sad events at what we call “horse racing” – it just never ever stops. A 3 year old dead after 3 races – another abuse story. Then a poor horse that has been in nothing but claimers and died of colic – just another abuse story. Such sad events and people just continue supporting these bullshit events. When the hell will any of you wake up and see that you are all just promoting this slaughter of these poor animals. What the hell is it going to take for you to see the abuse????????

  4. Another way to abuse & torture animals. If there is no profit kill it. That would be handy in human society. If it can’t work or produce anything then kill it. That’s what would happen if these horse racing idiots were in charge.
    Horse racing is corrupt & the ones paying are the horses.

  5. People don’t care about these horses. They are a ‘living’ to them. Anytime someone tries to get changes going that will help the horses, racing people circle the wagons, cry foul, and it never gets any better. They even use the evil term ‘acceptable deaths,’ in their discussions. None of these deaths is acceptable to anyone who truly loves animals! This continues to get worse and worse, and when you look at the disgusting debacle that was this year’s Kentucky Derby and the continuing fallout from that, you see how people are turning away from horseracing in record numbers. It’s time to stop this evil being done to innocent horses.

    • I am hoping that what happened at the Kentucky Derby, with the disqualification, throws enough cold water on the “sport” to start a downward cycle for racing. Between that and all the deaths and the information that is informing the public (and even the commentators were talking about that during the Derby), I hope that this is the beginning of the end.

      • Horse racing will never die out.There is too much available cash for the taking coming through the betting windows and if you think everyone involved doesn’t have their hand in the till,you either don’t know the business or you are living in a fairy tale world.I would bet most people don’t know GOVENOR CUOMO used to own racehorses in New York. Did you know he is an acquaintance of Anthony Bonomo who owns or owned many horses.Naturally Mr.Cuomo had to give up his ownership once he entered politics.Are we smelling something? Correct me if i’m Wrong,did Governor Cuomo appoint Anthony Bonomo as the head of the board of directors a while back at The New York Racing Association and Mr.Bonomo “CHOSE” to step down after his entanglement with The since sentenced to “JAIL” politician Dean Skelos and his nasty looking son. “Clink”. A side note why are the FEDS not more involved in the horse break downs one would think with all of these breakdowns someone in this dirty game must be making money off of the horses that breakdown.Are the majority of the horses breaking down insured?I Don’t know,but I would not be surprised,these scumbags don’t miss a trick.In case the FEDS don’t already know,to drug a horse to effect the out come of a betting contest is a felony.It may also be considered wire fraud since most horse gambling involves interstate activities and off shore accounts to avoid paying taxes on winnings.Another side note,what ever happened to a horse that used to be owned by Hall Of Fame Football coach Bill Parcells by the name of “THE BIG DELUXE”this horse was claimed from Parcells and then he mysteriously vanished from the racing scene right here at NYRA, I’m sure either the Gaming Commission or NYRA might have that answer.This may be something Patrick Butteuollo might be able to inform the concerned public about. I don’t remember his name on any death or injury list published.Ah,why am I so suspicious The Big Deluxe is probably relaxing in retirement on some grassy paddock on a farm on Long Island. This is all my opinion,what the hell do I know.Maybe i’m Crazy.Besides I just drank a quart of brake fluid.


  7. This is just plain ugly! Standards of care should be vigorously enforced or pay the consequence of banishment from the tracks. A needless loss of life at the age of three, just terrible.

  8. If we keep at it, like they did with greyhound racing, we can somewhere in the future, see horse racing end so we can stop crying.

  9. I have worked and probably will care for horses few more times as an unpaid volunteer. I love my horses pas-sionately due to their calm and loving behavio(u)r. I never followed preakness and other equine races, and sure-ly never will due to their cruel and greedy practices ($$$). Some people will object by saying that horse meat is still meat. Again, horses are faithful, gentle, and loving. I vehemently protest this “witch hunt”. Enough said!!

  10. Wow! It just never ceases to amaze (and sicken) me. I won’t get ON a horse before they turn three. Yet these poor babies are racing full out at two. Unconscionable.

  11. Please keep up your work and expose the cruelty that is horse racing. The whipping and ‘drugging’ is abuse abuse abuse. Let them run without whips and see how they willingly fly. As with anything where money is at stake, humans chose cheating and abuse. When will we stop this?

  12. This has always been an abusive greed driven thing. We can make a difference like we have with the greyhounds if we continue to let people know how these majestic horses are being drugged beaten and abused. They are crying out to us to please help them. Thanks to everyone who is working towards this goal!!💕

  13. I am dying on the inside!!! I had NO IDEA how bad this industry (BUSINESS) really is! I thought it was less a business and more about the beautiful animal! I had watched the Kentucky Derby for many years (I have stopped watching since poor Barbaro)!!!! These deaths are immoral, disgusting, and horrifying!! I will do my best to educate the people around me about the abuse and killing of these gorgeous creatures!!!!

  14. My heart is broken for all these horses. Nothing good ever seems to come for them.. Raced, beaten, sold, starved/neglected then off to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. When will people ever care about more than themselves.

  15. When is the horse racing industry going to be held accountable for these horses’ deaths? Horses less than 3 years old shouldn’t be racing. In fact we should say 4 years or more. They shouldn’t be training until they are at least 3 years.

  16. I never knew this type of Cruelty goes on in horse racing I live right down the street from Sam Houston Race Park in Houston Texas and I will never step foot in there and support and pay to see a horse race after learning all of this is taking place.

  17. Justice for Nobel cause…these greedy evil people need to be stopped!

  18. Are we going to just killing our beautiful horses just so some jerk can make a bet? Enough is enough! Horse racing time is up! And jockeys should be punished for what they do to the horses, whipping non stop is just animal cruelty! Drugged horses is animal cruelty, where are the cops that are supposed to stop this? I pray at every race that they just make it to the finish line upright. That is very sad, but that is the most important thing about horse racing!

  19. its horrible what is done with these poor horses , Many of the loosers from Kentucky derby are sent to slaughterhouses . The greed and lack of compassion is horrible

  20. When will people quit abusing these beautiful horses? I wish and hope that all horse racing will be banned. This is animal cruelty and only the horses suffer.

  21. Stop killing these beautiful horses there life is precious too.

  22. I am horrified at the true picture of the fate of race horses. I am another person who thought the Kentucky Derby was such a great event–the hats, the Mint Juleps, the celebrities. Meanwhile, the deaths, the greed, the suffering has not been brought to light. From here on, I will no longer support any horse racing.

  23. This puts me in tears everytime I read about this greedy and cruel Sport:( Please continue your work and put an END to this once and for all!!! These horses are used for money and that is the most greedy inhumane cruelty known to mankind!!!! Their Life is one of suffering and then more suffering as they go to Slaughter for more greedy money!! Breaks my heart:(

  24. Sickening greedy bastard owners. This is all and only about profits. They could give a monkey’s wank about these beautiful, majestic animals. If they loved theses horses, like they claim they do, you could not put them through this endless misery. They race them and if they don’t bring in $$$ they kill them like drinking a glass of water. Compassion? They can’t even spell the word.

  25. Please continue to help these sweet horses. This all is heartbreaking. They are only doing what they are asked. Please…please make this horrible practice stop.

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