The Profoundly Sad End for Platinum Ticket – and the Racing Industry’s Responsibility

The good folks at Animals’ Angels produced the following video on the (likely) sad and horrific end for the former racehorse Platinum Ticket. One note before watching, however: Platinum’s final racing owner, Richard Englander, would have us believe that he did all he could to guarantee Platinum a safe landing. He did not. After exploiting him, the only morally responsible action Englander could have taken would have been to take Platinum home with him. As it stands, both he and (of course) his industry are complicit in Platinum’s (likely) exsanguination.

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  1. Reading about the horrific treatment of these gorgeous animals is one thing, but quite another to see it. Will never understand how we can have so many monsters in this world of ours, and each and everyone has no problem looking at themselves in the mirror every day. They are a disgrace to the human race.

  2. Stomach turning and hard to watch.
    With all of the irrefutable evidence Sonja presented, i just cannot comprehend why the authorities, who had the power to take the necessary action to, firstly, SAVE Platinum Ticket and, secondly, to charge Jacob Thompson and Tara Sanders, FAILED to do anything!

    From what i’ve read over the years, this Thompson bloke and his girlfriend, have a shocking history of animal cruelty. As Sonja mentioned, if the evidence of Platinum Ticket is insufficient for the authorities to act, then what is?

  3. Just to make clear what i mean by ‘SAVE’

    Platinum Ticket should’ve been immediately removed out of the pen, an equine veterinarian called in to give him urgent medical treatment and then arrangements made for PT’s recovery with a genuine reputable equine rescue organisation whilst arrangements could be made for him to live out his life in a safe environment.

    And the racehorse owner (cannot remember his name) when interviewed said words to the effect that if he knew who the person was who was responsible for PT’s sickening condition and landing at Knoxville’s kill buyers’ auction, he would take action.

    Well, PT’s racehorse owner surely would now know about JACOB THOMPSON and TARA SANDERS.

    I think it was stated that PT was purchased for something like $11 and these mongrel bastards intended to profit over $400 for this once magnificent racehorse.

    I will NEVER be able to get out of my mind the stomach turning wound in his head and his desperate plea for help, in the way a horse can communicate, and that was when he went up to a human for contact.

    • This story is heart wrenching and a disgrace to horse “ownership” and our society. The “owners” may even say they “loved” Platinum Ticket, or at lest liked him. But as soon as he could not perform for them he was gotten rid of. He no longer was bringing in money and feeding their egos.

      I found the whole narrative sickening. The part that was really hard to take was when he was handed off to a “safe retirement” at the finish of his career in show jumping. His owners/users must have been extremely naive to believe the horse was going into a “safe” situation. I don’t believe for a second that people involved with horses, as they were, didn’t know they handed off their horse into a high risk situation. They obviously just wanted rid of him – no responsibility, no accountability and most of all they did not care. The decent thing to do for the faithful servant would be to euthanize, barring providing for his retirement themselves. But instead, they sent PT into horse hell.

      In the horse business outrageous cruelty is rampant but those responsible are never held accountable. And when specific and extreme instances such as PT’s horrible suffering are brought to the attention of the authorities NOTHING is done about it. WHY ?

      This lack of action enables the like of these auctions and disgusting exploiters such as Tara Sanders and Jacob Thompson to inflict nauseating cruelty on helpless animals with impunity. A big part of why this is allowed is because the horse business needs these auctions, and any side “business’ they spin off are ignored, so the huge numbers of “unwanted” animals can dumped and overbreeding can continue. Also, if people are held accountable in the horse business then those in other animal “business’ are afraid they may be next!

  4. Listening to the vocal on the video…choice of words and tone of voice. “Not my fault” AND THE GUILT IS NOT ON ME..


  5. This sickens me and has to stop. I was disgusted when I was aware of dumping and the slaughter pipeline when I researched what happened to Ferdinand. I wish I could save them all!!!!!

  6. As longer as horse racing exists so will the daily dumping, neglect, kill auctions, and dying on the slaughterhouse floor.
    These are just a few despicable examples of what a multi-billion dollar industry does to their profit slaves.
    They don’t give a damn once their done maiming and exploiting them.
    We “love them like family members” is not only laughable, but sad and a delusional muse put out there by the industry and by the exploiters who actually convince themselves that they “love” the racehorses.
    Vile downright vile.
    Platinum Ticket – so sorry for you.
    Unfortunately, you are one of thousands and your horrific treatment and subsequent death clearly shows that they don’t care – they simply don’t give a damn when they are done using you.
    The owner, Richard Englander, is not unlike all the other delusional apologists who wash their hands of their responsibility by dumping them.
    Whether it’s a good home or not – they are dumping them unto other people to support.
    A study showed that this business takes care of them, on average, for 3 years and then dumps them.
    So they breed a racehorse knowing that they will be dumping it – these people are vile.

    • Yes Nancy I looked into the story of Alydar. It is disgusting and there should have been justice. All for money s8ck sick people

  7. I watched this video on Saturday when it was posted. It is now three days later and I can’t get it out of my head. It is so disturbing. Is there anything that can be done to stop horse slaughter ?.
    Can these trucks be stopped so they no longer transport horses across the boarders for slaughter?
    There has to be something we can do to prevent this.

  8. Platinum Ticket Didn’t need to die a horrific death, his owner Richard Englander was a horrible owner to let this happen.

  9. One thing everyone can do! Stop supporting horse 🐎 racing! Talk to people and educate them to what is happening to race horses , after they are done racing!

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