A Thistledown Kill

Breakin the Fever’s “result” in the 7th at Thistledown yesterday: “BREAKIN THE FEVER…appeared to clip heels entering the turn, stumbled unseating his rider, suffered a catastrophic injury and was euthanized.” Breakin was seven, and this was his 38th time under the whip, all for breeder/owner/trainer Debra Breed. In total, Breakin “earned” over a half-million dollars for Ms. Breed, so I guess you could say she got her money’s worth. Next horse up.


  1. Here’s where mandatory neutral investigations into the doping/vet records should immediately commence as part of the necropsy process, which should also be mandatory on all tracks which it currently isn’t.
    Then a pattern would, most likely, emerge.
    One in which the owner, Debra Breed, probably deliberately and with malicious intent consented to BREAKIN THE FEVER getting repeatedly poked with a needle to mask chronic issues, which gave way.
    Of course this is all speculation because these racehorse killers and their supporting pro-horse racing entities fight hard to keep these records a secret resulting in total lack of transparency.
    While the District Attorney’s office in California conducts an in-depth, neutral investigation, including all doping/vet records out in California there’s no other conclusion to arrive at except that in which these racehorses are intentionally and maliciously subjected to ongoing animal abuse and cruelty and that should be punishable by law.
    If the evidence supports this then they should be thrown in jail on Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
    It’s time to hold this gambling business accountable for killing their gambling chips – the racehorses.

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