Lame Horse Denied Ambulance Because…

Sunday, I reported on Ardrahan’s death at the Grand National in Maryland. The Equibase note – “fell, euthanized” – was, however, not entirely accurate. Yes, Ardrahan is indeed dead, but the recently released Stewards Report says this: “ADRAHAN [sic] was euthanized on the course although the vet told the Stewards that the horse had probably expired before she got to him.” So much for “humane death.”

Saturday, at the Middleburg Steeplechase in Virginia, Special Relation “pulled up lame.” But, lame though he was, no van was used; he, like the mortally injured (broken neck) Special Skills, was made to walk off on his own. Later, the stewards told us why:

“The Stewards met with Jack Fisher after the last race to discuss SPECIAL RELATION not having been vanned off the course. Jack had already discussed the situation with Dr Reynolds Coles and it was a constructive conversation. It was evident that Jack had weighed a number of relevant considerations in deciding how best to attend to his horse, including the potential damage to the course from bringing the horse ambulance onto the stretch and the time that would be required to do so.”

So, the lame Special Relation was denied transportation because of “the potential damage to the course from bringing the horse ambulance onto the stretch and the time that would be required to do so.” Oh, how they love their “equine athletes.” Oh, how they are “like members of the family.” Oh, how I hold them in contempt.


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  1. Oh Lord. As if jumps racing wasn’t horrid enough, apparently they have a bunch of incompetent yahoos running these races with no standard policies and procedures in place. Great. And idiot people still support this crap and think it’s a big party day. Shame on them.

  2. For multi-millionnaire gamblers (i.e. horse-racing and jumping are like casino tables; bets…bets…bets…), horses are just ‘things’, like the slots are.

    When the horse faulters in any way, these greedy gambling bastards AND breeders, just kill these gorgeous ruminants who have served us for 1,000’s of years….LOYALLY, AND HEARTILY!!! And what’s worse, is that they’re shipped overseas to the Orient on horrifically-managed ships; only to be murdered in the goriest fashion.

    I hate anyone ‘dealing’ in the horse-racing ‘trade’.

    • How about we start denying Homo Sapiens Ambulance Emergency Services!!!

      ALL animals…. including Homo Sapiens deserve ALL of the ‘Necessities of Life’!!!

  3. Every time I read these I cry

    Who can I write to to complain about this?? This needs to stop.

    Best wishes, Mari Cartagenova


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