For $2 Bets…

Last week in U.S. Horseracing (not including training, not including harness).

Kodiak King “vanned off” at Turf
Offlee Cloudy “returned bleeding from his leg and was vanned off” at Parx
Don’t Tell Sarah “vanned off” at Evangeline
Dock On the Bay “fell, DNF” at Evangeline
Bad Humor “vanned off” at Oaklawn
Prior Consent “bled” at Remington
Sororitysweetheart “vanned off, reported to have bled” at Aqueduct
Talk About Magic “vanned off” at Charles Town
Morning Buzz “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Gulfstream
Before “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Jessa Sweet Dasher “vanned off” at Los Alamitos
Boss Lady Melissa “vanned off” at Oaklawn
Notcho Daddy “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Maggie’s Moose “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Geranium “fell, DNF” at Camden
Crazy Bernice “vanned off” at Camden
Cathedral Reader “went wrong” at Keeneland – subsequently confirmed dead
Texting “fractious, vanned off” at Los Alamitos
Thorny “locked up near wire, vanned off” at Los Alamitos
Grand Primpi “sluggish trip, vanned off after race” at Mahoning
Kimyun “fell after the wire, vanned off” at Remington
Vf Blood Brother “injured after wire, vanned off” at Remington
Give to U. K. Cats “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Fast Track Kathern “pulled up in distress…euthanized on track” at Gulfstream
Charlies Fury “bled” at Remington
Texas Forever “vanned off” at Sunland
Redneck Humor “vanned off” at Turf

“broke down,” “euthanized” – speak for themselves
“vanned off” – many if not most will resurface on my year-end FOIA killed-reports
“bled,” “returned bleeding from nostrils” – typically indicates pulmonary hemorrhage

(source: Equibase)


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  1. JAPAN.
    Recently, the horse racing industry, especially in Kentucky, has been espousing the virtues, and the multi-billion dollar profits, of selling broodmares, foals, stallions, to service the horse racing business in Japan.
    More recently, at the Keeneland Sales Japan has been buying HUGE – spending millions buying up breeding stock so that they can fill races and their wagering coffers not unlike here.
    Like here, the pro-horse racing entities, claim that the horses are living the life of Riley in good ole Japan.
    So a photographer, without any connections to animal rights groups, animal advocacy groups or the horse racing industry decided to photograph the horse racing industry in Japan simply out of curiosity, and expecting to see the never ending opulence and forever grassy paddocks that this industry has been putting out to the public.
    He wanted to see the “connection” between humans and other sentient beings – the racehorses.
    His report is called “Tracks,” and, not surprisingly, the same goes on there.
    This report is accompanied by pictures that were very difficult to obtain and I warn people if you decide to click on this link you will be exposed to the horrors of the slaughterhouse in Japan where most American originated racehorses end up if they escape the slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada.
    This business is an evil blood-filled death pit for most racehorses and for what?
    All for an unnecessary gambling business that exploits and kills racehorses daily.

  2. Thanks for the warning Gina. We upon going to a slaughter house for the first time, as a teenager on school field trip of all things, we became a vegetarian!. That was almost 50 years ago.Everything the exercise rider posted in an earlier post was exactly the same experiences as we had! We have galloped dead lame, at a walk , horses on the track that at 5 years old were already completely ruined.We hated to see the way those poor young horses were treated and we were just laughed at when we tried to ride them easy to.Of course we did not get to gallop the really good horses either!

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