“Pulled Up in Distress, Euthanized on Track” at Gulfstream

The Equibase account of the 9th at Gulfstream yesterday: “FAST TRACK KATHERN raced off the pace, driving upper stretch then taken under restraint, moved to outside and eased to wire, pulled up in distress after wire, euthanized on track.” Dead. For $2 bets, entertainment. Fast Track Kathern was four; ’twas her 12th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.


  1. “Eased to wire” means forced, in agony, despite a fatal injury, to move of her own volition, I believe for the sake of earnings or saving money, no love, kindness, mercy in her last moments before death. Better that many of these horses would never have been born than to suffer such miserable lives, IMO.

  2. It’s too bad they mostly choose to euthanize the injured horses. I have one that previously had a fractured leg and it healed now 10 years later he is the most healthy, happy, and beautiful horse. I know of several other horses with similar history. Do owners collect insurance if they euthanize?

    • Yes – they collect insurance. That’s why they keep them running even if they know they are not sound. Either way they make money!!

  3. This example clearly shows that changing things on one track does nothing because these racehorses are moved around like “chattels” to fill races and the wagering coffers.
    FAST TRACK KATHERN – so sorry for you.
    Your PP’s disclose a record of long term pain, suffering, and inhumane treatment often barely making it through a race and even a DNF didn’t garner any sympathy from your slave masters.
    PYTHON PATRICIA – no it’s not a horse, but a racehorse abuser that this business calls a “trainer.”
    Python Pat often claims older racehorses with extensive race records that made lots of money in their prime only to be dumped by the people whom they made rich – typical of these supporters who falsely claim to “treat their horses like family.”
    These older racehorses usually don’t make it out of her barn alive or are so maimed that they disappear off the radar. and going into her barn means they are doomed in one form or another.
    Anyways, she just claimed, get this, a 10 year old mare called SHAUNNA ALEXANDER to do what she always does: squeeze the life out of them.
    Shaunna was on the road to the Kentucky Oaks (female equivalent of the Kentucky Derby) in her younger years when she was in her prime.
    For the past 6 years Shaunna has been running her ass-off for every single person that has claimed her and, upon review of her race replays, has been beaten into the ground on many occasions.
    She’s passed through many hands, claimed many times, and shipped to many different tracks with no doping/vet records following her so that translates to repeated invasive needle procedures, and/or ESWT most likely.
    Shaunna made $510.966 for her slave masters and this STILL wasn’t enough for them to do the right thing by her, to retire her, to take care of her because this is the horror show called horse racing.
    Well, her life is about to get a whole lot worse under Python Pat.
    I’m so outraged over this obvious, blatant racehorse abuser and killer.
    If I had the money I would be on a plane to go rescue this horse and get her.
    Shaunna is a prime example of what happens to these horses under these people who live a delusional lie.
    They dump them when they are done with them or they run them into the ground until they drop dead.
    Python Pat – you are the lowest form of parasitic scum on the planet.

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