Three Killed in Grand National Meet; Former Bettor/Fan Says, No More

In the just-concluded three-day Grand National meet in England, three horses were killed: Forest Des Aigles and Crucial Role Friday, Up for Review in the main event yesterday. Said a Jockey Club Racecourses director, “As a sport of animal lovers, we wanted every horse to come home – and sadly that’s not been the case…” (BBC).

“Animal lovers.” Contemptible. Anyhow, I came across the following article written by a former bettor and Racing enthusiast. In it, he recounts his transformation from part of the problem to part of the solution. (The article was penned and published prior to the most recent deaths.)

“The day I realised everything about horse racing was wrong”


  1. Up for review…first fence. He was thrashing on the Ground unbearably
    Probably in horrendous pain. The bettors were saying they were sorry they bet on him. How anyone can put their beautiful horse on this barbaric road is incredible. Also they started showing the race the replays from the 2nd fence to avoid the ungodly site of Up for Review last moments here.

  2. Looks like ‘steeplechase’, one of/the worse things anyone can put a horse through. Surprised there aren’t more deaths caused by this horrific competition. It should have been banned many years ago.

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