A Pair of Training Kills at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed a pair of training kills at Belmont Park:

Monday, Pretty Enuff “suffered a fracture to her right front leg…x-rayed and euthanized.” Pretty Enuff was five and was being prepped for her 36th race.

Thursday, Luz Mimi “suffered a fracture to her right front leg…x-rayed and euthanized.” Luz Mimi was also five; she was being prepped for her 27th race.

Both notifications came with the perfunctory “investigation to follow.” Allow me to save them the time – horseracing kills horses. Full stop.


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  1. Pretty Enuff started out under multiple drug violating trainer, Doug O’Neill, who has plenty of maimed/dead racehorses under his belt, and based on history, it’s highly likely that Pretty Enuff started receiving ESWT as a 2 year old out in California where she started.
    It follows that pain, and chronic issues were, most likely, continually masked with dope and ESWT while she changed hands many times with no doping/vet records following this mare.
    The same goes for Luz Mimi.
    The “investigations” usually don’t include the key component facts that would prove their role in their deaths nor is anything done to eliminate the proven factors that kill racehorses making every single one of them either killers, enablers of the killings or are complacent in killing racehorses.
    This business can’t shut down soon enough for the racehorses.

  2. What a dark dank world those horses are dumped into. The cuts from the handle every month is the hook for law enforcement. Every meeting the cut is further cut and divided up between unnamed charities from the racing commission. The monster is greed and possibly sadism.

  3. People like me that have been horse owners and horse lovers pray for the day that horse race it will become illegal but I know that that’s a joke, as it is run by greed and sadism.. how very tragic, how very tragic that these beautiful innocent intelligent equines have to suffer for human greed oh God I wish this would end. Make doping illegal that would be the main thing no dragon, please stop the use of pain killers and drugging in horse racing. !!!
    I pray for these horses every night,, so tragic and so sad.

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