Video of Arms Runner’s Death – Dangling Ankle and All

Arms Runner, who was killed this past Sunday at Santa Anita, was said (by Equibase) to have “taken a bad step.” But how did that “bad step” – which, by the way, is one of this vile industry’s favorite euphemisms – translate visually? Well, here it is, dangling ankle and all. And yes, it is very difficult to watch.


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  1. This is what $2 dollar bets, OTB and “They’re Off ” symbolizes!! Nothing more than unconscionable cruelty inflicted with purpose for the insatiable greed and lust of a gambler…..

  2. As soon as I saw this race posted it here for everyone. The beautiful grey horse stood right away but the camera was taken off asap. Only commented on jockeys. Speaking of jockeys no compassion for either horse. Just walk away.

  3. I am sickened by this unforgivung horror these people put upon their horses… have no heart or soul. May you and yours rot in hell.

  4. I can’t imagine the terror and pain this horse experienced and all for what? So people can place bets and win a few bucks? This is heartbreaking…..just another throw away to the owners. I’m at a loss for words.

  5. Horseracing, exploitation of beautiful animals! When will the human heart change? Fight fight fight for those with no voice!

  6. I just cannot believe that those two jockeys could so callously ignore AND disassociate themselves with this sickening incident by deliberately looking in another direction. Cold hearted creeps.

    This brave horse nearly went down a few times and I could see his left fore leg buckling under the strain – desperate to stay up being a prey animal. And the bystanders just stood there and watched – no attempt to go to the horse’s aid, none whatsover.

    Silly me, this was just another racehorse death.

    • Indeed, Carolyn, and thank you for pointing that out. Imagine his terror, trying so desperately to stay upright, his life closing quickly to an end. For lousy $2 bets and a frivolous day at the racetrack. Where is our moral compass?

  7. This is horrible it has to stop. The staff and jockeys didn’t even tend to this horse they let him run around in pain. How shameful I with I could save everyone of those gentle creatures.

  8. When does this end? The cruelty is unbelievable and the public’s stupidity is just as heartbreaking.

  9. Poorly handled for sure. Horse deserved respect and compassion. So sad to see what we all dread can happen at the racetrack. 😞

  10. Just like Go For Wand. The race that really did it for me. This grey. There is nothing more painful for me, than watching any animal in agony. This horse was clearly looking to the humans nearby to help it. Well, I think they’d already “helped” it.

  11. Heartbreaking as ARMS RUNNER went to be close by the other horse just as his herd instinct would tell him.
    How can anybody watch this video, see this unimaginable pain, suffering, and horror while defending this?
    You would have to have a piece of your brain, heart, and morality missing.
    We, as a civilized society, can’t possibly permit this carnage to continue.
    SHUT IT DOWN, I implore California residents to shut this horror show down because all it’s going to take is 600,000 signatures to begin the process of dismantling this unconscionable death business called horse racing.

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