An “Equine Death Due to Racing Injuries” at Los Alamitos; An “Injured in the Gate” Kill at Turf

The most recent Stewards Minutes for Los Alamitos declare the following: “One equine death was reported this week [three days, Mar 15-Mar 17] due to racing injuries.” The Stewards, however, decided not to tell us the name of the victim; that said, it’s a good bet that it’s either Aguas or Yes I’m Ready, each a “vanned off” during that weekend. I will keep trying to definitively identify.

The Stewards’ Report at Turf Paradise for January 8 reveals that Cause for Eviction was “scratched” because he was “injured in the gate.” The stewards went on to say “due to the serious injuries suffered by CAUSE FOR EVICTION, the horse was euthanized.” Killed in the gate – imagine that. Cause for Eviction was three years old.


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  1. Who were the jockeys? Who were the trainers? I want this info listed so we can keep track of who the people are who have the most deaths or injuries.

  2. Karen, you can easily look up the horses to determine breeder, owner, trainer and jockey. I know Patrick can speak for himself but he probably won’t so I will – the amount of TIME it takes for him to look at charts every single day to identify breakdowns, vanning, stopped, eased, bled, DNF, euthanized, etc – add the new information to his investigative data then write the posts is more time than most individuals would ever give to a cause.

    Nothing is being hidden – in fact, it’s the exact opposite. But please feel free to offer whatever additional information you feel is important or of interest.

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