A Training Kill at Belmont; A Drowning – Yes, Drowning – Kill at Miami Valley

The NYS Gaming Commission has reported that Miss Marilyn “sustained a leg injury necessitating euthanasia on the track” while training at Belmont Saturday. She was two years old. As usual, the Commission attached its perfunctory public assuagement statement: “An investigation was initiated.” (For those who may be new to this, these “investigations” – if they even happen – yield nothing of value. I mean really, what can they say, an equine child snapped her leg in the throes of exploitation? It is what it is.)

Meanwhile: In the 12th race at Miami Valley (harness) Monday, 5-year-old He’s a Perfect Ten died after he, as the track put it, “became spooked and ran into a pond…where it drowned.” First, let’s get this out of the way: Horseracing is wholly responsible for this animal’s death. He was enslaved by the racing industry. He was exploited by the racing industry. He was killed by the racing industry.

Second, notice both in the statement and in this video clip the repeated use of the word “it” when referring to an intelligent, sensitive being. Yes, “it” tells you all you need to know about how these people view their horses. Indeed, the man interviewed, a harness owner, took it a notch lower, saying, “It’s a sad thing for the people that owned the horse and the man that trained it, or drove it…it’s really tragic.” Tragic, because an asset was lost.

And finally, this from the Fox reporter as he was wrapping up the story: “Can you imagine how horrifying this must have been to have these horses bearing down on you when you are thrown from the cart.” Nothing about how horrifying it must have been for He’s a Perfect Ten as he was flailing for his life in a pond. Vile, simply vile.


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  1. VILE.
    Why in the hell would they even consider putting up a barrier, around the pond, for safety reasons when they permit the daily suffering and dying of racehorses?
    Just like they choose not to install fire sprinklers in the stalls when hundreds of racehorses have burned to a crisp on their tracks and training centers?
    Make no mistake – all of these racehorses are victims of this industry.
    The racehorses are just chattels to them, profit slaves, vehicles to generate $2 bets.
    Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

  2. He’s a. Perfect 10 was listed as a did not finish on the race track venue. He was fighting for his life as the others finished. Also please verify that war of will hurt his leg at la derby and gunmetal grey at santa anita has a condylar problem

  3. Nancy – Gunmetal Gray underwent surgery to fix his condylar fracture. His future is “uncertain”. And they are still trying to figure out what really went wrong with War of Will- trainer said he was “noticeably off” after the race and they are think it may have been his stifle slipping out or some sort of strain.

  4. Peggy there was a video with will’s back leg facing the other direction. Miracle he did not go down.
    I am brokenhearted for gunmetal. All of them actually
    Thank heaven for all of us who love horses so much. God’s favored creatures.

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