Leilani Munter, For Horseracing Wrongs

Recently, Leilani Munter – a world-famous (retired) racecar driver and, more important (I think she’d agree), animal/environmental activist – recorded the following PSA for us. Thank you, Leilani.


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  1. A huge shout out to Leilani – thanks so much for being a voice for the racehorses.
    Leilani, you made a choice for your passion – car racing – the racehorses don’t choose to die for $2 bets.
    On the environmental front, horse racing uses tons of precious resources including water in California to run racehorses in circles.
    The disposal of manure in highly dense residential neighborhoods, and the subsequent run-off in our waterways for an unnecessary form of exploitation is not “green” and the slaughterhouse where most end up is an environmental disaster.
    Thanks again for lending your voice.

  2. As Leilani said,”horseracing is a relic of our unenlightened past”.

    Today, through use of drugs, devises, and joint injections not available years ago, even more cruelty and exploitation of the horse is enabled.

    These “treatments” keep sore and unfit horses on the tracks. Further, the claiming game was introduced as a way for those with less resources to “own” racehorses. But in truth, claiming is a way for the more “elite” in the game to unload the underperforming horses as well as those not as profitable as they once were. Claiming exacerbates and prolongs the cruel exploitation of the majority of horses as they spiral down in the ranks on their way to the slaughter houses while they fill racing’s coffers.

    What is our excuse today for, not only continuing but exacerbating, outrageous cruelty?!!!

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