Recap of 2018 Death Reports

Follows is my state-by-state FOIA recap for 2018.

Arizona: request filled

Colorado: request partially filled – training deaths not included

Delaware: request filled

Florida: request filled (part 1, part 2)

Idaho: request filled

Illinois: request filled

Indiana: request filled – but with names redacted

Iowa: request filled

Louisiana: request partially filled – training deaths not included

Maryland: request partially filled – “non-racing” deaths (colic, e.g.) not included

Massachusetts: request filled

Michigan: request filled

Minnesota: request filled – but with names redacted

Montana: request filled

Nebraska: request filled

Nevada: request filled

New Jersey: request filled

New Mexico: request filled – but with serious gaps and irregularities

New York: information direct from public database

North Dakota: request filled

Ohio: request partially filled – “non-racing” deaths not included

Oklahoma: request filled – but, for the most part, without training deaths

Oregon: request filled

Pennsylvania: request filled

Texas: request filled

Washington: request filled

West Virginia: request filled

Wyoming: request filled – but Commission reported no training deaths

Arkansas: request ignored

California: request denied

Kentucky: request denied

Maine: “Our Department does not possess this information as this is not something that is reported to nor tracked by the Department.”

South Dakota: “The Commission does not maintain the records you requested.”

Utah: “We have no records responsive to your request.”

Virginia: request denied


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  1. Patrick – hasn’t Kentucky given you the reports in the past? Along with necropsy results? I have to wonder if they are trying to hide how many actually died, as recently there was an article in the Paulick Report that the number of deaths in Kentucky rose dramatically last year.
    Also- so much for TSG and the CHRB touting that they would like more transparency to make themselves and California racing look good. Then this – they hide how many were actually killed on their tracks. What a joke California Racing is.

  2. This vile business has been operating with total impunity and lack of transparency for years now.
    They have been fighting, tooth and nail, in the past several years to deny any person/group exposing this business for what it truly is: racehorses dying for $2 bets.
    It doesn’t surprise me that the CHRB meeting on March 21, 2019 at Golden Gate was CANCELLED.
    As of now, the meeting for March 28th at Santa Anita is still on (according to the CHRB website), but if your planning on going I would suggest you call the morning of.
    I suspect they will hire lots of security to haul people out who are there to be a voice for the racehorses.
    They probably cancelled the other meeting because they needed the time to “organize” for March 28 knowing that the racehorse’s voices will finally and not just the exploiters/slavemasters.

  3. Patrick, regarding “California: request denied,” I’d like to call or write to the agency that denied, and, perhaps, others would do so as well. Please advise here or send me an email as to the appropriate agency, and whether there was a reason for denial.

  4. Thank you for your consistent diligence on these deaths and exposure of this abusive and exploitative business and the reality of the many roads to death that “is horseracing.” Horseracing will end. There’s no fixing or mending. Just an end.

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