Idaho, 2018

Through a FOIA request to the Idaho Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kill there in 2018. Please note, however, that Idaho’s last remaining active racetrack, Les Bois Park, closed in 2016. What’s left are state and county fairs, which had a combined 27 days of racing in 2018. Having said that, based on experience (the data elsewhere on this site) and the difficulty I encountered even getting a response, I’m fairly confident that I have not captured all of Idaho’s killing with this request.

Kingofdarkness, May 20, Pocatello R – no details forwarded

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  1. THINK about this : The names read like fancy farms somewhere in bluegrass country : “Winter”, “Sugarcreek”, “New Holland” — Most consist of feedlots or KILL pens into which large numbers of horses are systematically whipped & herded, their halters & identifying information replaced by hip numbers — Some lucky ones go to homes & rescues — more than 100,000 a year go to KILL BUYERS — depravedly despicable — stop a moment, while I hurl.

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