“Fell, Euthanized” at Louisiana; “Ambulanced Off, Euthanized” at Aqueduct

Zoomin Effort, in the 4th race at Louisiana Downs yesterday afternoon, as succinctly and dispassionately relayed by the Equibase writer there: “ZOOMIN EFFORT reared start, fell, euthanized.” Zoomin Effort was three; ’twas his 19th time under the whip.

From NY (Gaming Commission), word belatedly comes that 2-year-old Tiger Man is dead after breaking in the 8th at Aqueduct February 8. Officially, “ambulanced off track and subsequently euthanized next morning due to poor prognosis.”

This is horseracing.


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  1. Reading the chart for Tiger Man- it’s clear to see he struggled and was in pain. “Hobbled to the quarter pole, injured left front, and vanned off.” Hobbled. But he wasn’t put down til the next day. Shame.

  2. Did you see that Santa Anita has been closed down? Just temporarily, though. They’ve had 19 horses die in 2 months. They are literally digging up the track to see if the surface has anything to do with it. How about they look at racing immature horses, in breeding, drugs given to mask pain?

    • Karen, below is my C&P comment from earlier about SA being “closed down”…..

      Gina and Peggy, thank you for bringing up such great points – such accurate statements about racing and how industry members view the horses. Reading through comments on the racing articles and several racing fans’ Twitters about the 19 horse deaths at the ONE track – Santa Anita – in less than 2 months’ time…and TRULY, these individuals talk out of both sides of their mouths.

      So after Hot American, Battle of Midway and Just Forget It all breakdown and die (on Feb 22 and 23), the decision is made, as Gina commented, to “close the track” for a “full evaluation” of it. But the LA Times reported the following; “…Santa Anita announced it was closing the track…to try and determine whether there was some irregularity that was causing the breakdowns. However, some trainers, including Hall of Famers Bob Baffert and Jerry Hollendorfer [the dead Battle of Midway’s trainer], objected to the closure and Tim Ritvo, chief operating officer of the Stronach Group, reversed his decision and agreed to allow the track to be open Monday until 9 a.m.” Now if they truly thought the track surface was the problem, why would they take the chance with the lives of other horses? Two things – they know nothing will stop breakdowns and they don’t care. And sure enough, Charmer John, not yet 3 years old, dies.

      The same article mentions the “one horse dying is too many” comment that’s often used when racing is in full-blown damage control – Ritvo used it this time. If racing REALLY felt that way…that ONE horse dying on the track is TOO many…they would agree to end it now. Because they know Charmer John will not be the last racehorse to die – and they’ve admitted it every time they exclaim (regarding breakdowns and deaths) “this is the hard part of this game!” and “it’s the risk we take in this sport!” and “he was felled by the rigors of racing” and “hoping all the horses come home safe”…etc, etc, etc…we’ve heard it ad nauseum, right?

      “One horse dying is too many”? – then you should have ended it a long time ago, racing. So end it now.

  3. OMG you ignorant ignorant bunch of bastards!!! You are talking about a 3 year old in his 19th race – seriously what in the hell is the matter with you bastards???????? As a 3 year old the owner should only be just starting this poor horse on a simple exercise program not even under saddle at this point. Then in the 2nd part of this posting for today we have a 2 year old being killed off the track as well. Why the hell don’t you just throw the saddles on them as soon as they are born – like the next day – and get them out there on the tracks – you ignorant bunch of animal slaughters and that is all you are. You are not horse people and these F*UCKIN’ tracks should all be shut down and horse racing banned. A 2 year old and a 3 year old – you should all be so proud – you bunch of bastards.

  4. I tried to post a response in here this afternoon, but I don’t know if it posted….I kept getting told to log in again, in order to post , then I’d get told that I had already posted what I was trying to post. Hmmm
    After I posted about Santa Anita being closed, and pointed out that 2 and 3 year old horses are not physically mature enough to be racing, I remembered I should have mentioned that all reach horses age one year on January 1, no matter what month they were born in. Someone pointed out that a horse born in May was racing as a 2 year old, even though it is only technically 2.
    Horses in racing nowadays are physically and mentally immature. They should be running around in a pasture. Eating their heads off, and learning from humans, how to stand still. Not to bite or kick. To wear a bridle. To stand for a vet, groom, or farrier.

    Every time there’s a big race on tv, and a horse breaks down, the sainted Dr Larry Bramledge is called in to take a guess as to the injury and chance of recovery.
    Why doesn’t Larry get off his fucking pedastel, and tell viewers WHY that horse’s legs snapped?
    Why doesn’t he tell, how that horse is still growing? That horses at the earliest, might be fully grown at 4? About the pain killers they are given, many from the moment they get a rider on their backs? About the side effects of the legal drugs race horses are given-a stomach full of ulcers, anyone? How these horses are so inbred, that grown or not, they are so physically fragile in many cases, as to be time bombs waiting to go off in a flurry of broken bones.
    I suppose that what I am about to propose will be heresy to “serious” horsemen.
    I think it’s time to start introducing other blood into thoroughbred and perhaps quarter horse lines. Perhaps Arabs, known to be hardy and tough, should once again be allowed to breed with race horses.
    And, for God’s sake, don’t race them until they are truly grown, if people insist on perpetuating this inane “sport!”

    • Karen, why doesn’t Bramlage speak the truth? – because the continued existence of the racing industry affects his fat wallet.

      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

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