Louisiana’s 47 Raceday Kills

Through a FOIA request to the Louisiana State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018. Please note, however, that the Commission (as usual) did not forward training or off-track deaths. So, when assessing the carnage at Louisiana racetracks, it’s reasonable to (at least) double what you see below. (Unless otherwise noted, immediate cause of death was a snapped, shattered, ruptured, or dislocated limb part of one kind or another.)

Sterling Warrior, January 11, Fair Grounds R
Be Nice Rose, January 12, Fair Grounds R
Itsbouttime, January 19, Delta R
Gussie’s Girl, February 8, Delta R
All Day Trip, February 9, Fair Grounds R
Ldn Dalaws Comment, February 11, Louisiana R
Custom Ridge, February 17, Delta R
A P’s Diana, February 21, Delta R
Aubrey’s Mission, March 7, Delta R
Cash Ticket, March 11, Fair Grounds R
Ellashoo, March 15, Fair Grounds R
Gemacho, March 18, Fair Grounds R
Star Guitarist, April 7, Evangeline R
Damthaluck, May 2, Delta R
Southern Temptation, May 11, Delta R
Bubbassecondchance, May 12, Evangeline R
Frazier Double, May 16, Evangeline R
Mr Louisiana Chrome, May 30, Delta R
Custom Paint Job, June 8, Evangeline R
Going Noble, June 9, Delta R – “broken back”
Cha Cha Charlie, June 12, Louisiana R
Black Lexus Star, June 13, Delta R – “broken back”
One Smart Fdd, June 15, Delta R
Loaded Dynamite, June 20, Louisiana R
Goodrockingirl, June 21, Evangeline R
Moonin for Diamonds, June 23, Delta R
Mda Hezareal Holland, June 27, Delta R
First Corona Prize, June 28, Delta R
Exotic Sin, June 29, Evangeline R
Rlr Ultimate Corona, July 4, Delta R
Stella’s Honor, July 9, Louisiana R
D’cruisin Patrona, July 14, Evangeline R
Wild Lil Rebel, July 18, Louisiana R
Jonas G., August 14, Louisiana R
Senators Dreams, August 16, Fair Grounds R
Dazzlin Tom, September 2, Louisiana R
Hangem High, September 7, Fair Grounds R
A Special Faith, September 12, Louisiana R
Blame Logan, September 24, Louisiana R
Dixieland Grand, October 20, Delta R – “sudden death during race” (two years old)
Mp Cheerful Boy, October 25, Evangeline R
Half Sexy, November 9, Delta R
Ms Melanie, November 15, Delta R
Runaway Roulette, November 16, Evangeline R
Babyface Ransom, November 24, Delta R
Brileys Toast, December 1, Evangeline R
Ragazza Ritmo, December 13, Delta R


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  1. Yet another set of very disturbing deaths of racehorses on LA tracks.
    I stalled at Evangeline Downs training center in the winter of 2003 to ship in for Fairgrounds racing.
    There were multiple racehorses being sold for $100 out of the Fairgrounds Receiving barn because they didn’t want the horse after the race – many were coming back lame and they didn’t even want to call a vet for care.
    I offered FREE trailer services, but to where?
    There was nowhere to put these horses, and nobody wanted to help.
    Then the meat buyer would show up, load them up, and away they went.
    It was so sad and everybody in the racing office knew exactly what was going on.
    I saw horrific cruelty right in the Receiving Barn at Fairgrounds, and multiple incidents on the property of Evangeline Downs training center where Steve Asmussen had about 50 racehorses stabled there.
    His (probably undocumented) Mexican help were hardly ever getting paid and they were living in the tack rooms with no heat, and they would often ask me or other trainers for food.
    Steve was hardly ever there and all the horses were basically being taken care of by Mexican workers.
    I witnessed a vet in the top trainers barns going down the shedrow with a wheelbarrow full of needles – I’m not exaggerating and I’m not kidding.
    The grooms would say that the horses came into the barn in great condition and then a few needles later, and a few wins later they were done – EPO was suspected.
    This business is blatant racehorse cruelty whether its a high ranking racehorse or a low level claimer.
    There are not enough fancy hats and “entertainment” banners to mask the truth, the Death lists, the maiming, and the dumping.
    It’s all vile.

  2. Just another list of poor horses that ended up being dead at the race track just like so many others because of the loser owners and trainers. All horse racing should be banned because the people involved are not smart enough to put the safety of the horses before the f*in’ dollar. None of you give a shit about the poor horses nor the destructive abuse you put them through. You are not smart enough to understand you are racing them way too young and before the bones and their bodies are ready to handle this, but of course you bastards all think you know everything – but you really know NOTHING. These god damn tracks should all be shut down and you bastards should be doing time that cause these horses to ‘break down” and be killed. What a bunch of assholes.


    LET’S GIVE THIS BLOODY …………..#$%$^………………… Louisiana State Racing/KILLING track and its’ useless air breathers AKA commission, ALL THE FREE PUBLICITY THEY DESERVE.

    Buying tickets to go watch abuse and torture in the making only fattens-up the bank accounts of this Louisiana State KILLING track. BOYCOTT – BOYCOTT

    BOYCOTT – BOYCOTT – Let’s be the voice for the voiceless.

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