“Dead Horse Log” – Indiana, 2018

Through a FOIA request to the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018. Once again, the Commission’s spreadsheet – entitled, incidentally, “Dead Horse Log” – arrived with the victims’ names redacted. Unless otherwise noted, immediate cause of death was a snapped, shattered, ruptured, or dislocated limb part of one kind or another.

unidentified (probably Jacob of Tarville or Justanotherbird), April 18, Indiana R
unidentified, April 20, Indiana T
unidentified, April 20, Indiana T
unidentified, May 12, Hoosier R – “sudden collapse after race”
unidentified (probably Halfway Decent), May 12, Indiana R
unidentified, June 1, Indiana T
unidentified, June 6, Indiana T – “sudden death after work”
unidentified, June 9, Hoosier R – “died on track after race”
unidentified, July 3, Hoosier R – “died on track prior to end of race”
unidentified, July 11, Indiana T
unidentified (probably Lucky’s Pass), July 20, Indiana R
unidentified, August 1, Indiana T
unidentified, August 3, Indiana R
unidentified, August 7, Indiana T
unidentified (probably Abby’s Aava), August 7, Indiana R
unidentified, August 22, Indiana T – “sudden death”
unidentified, August 29, Indiana T
unidentified (probably Whispering Justice), September 1, Indiana R
unidentified, September 12, Hoosier T
unidentified (probably El Monje Loco), September 12, Indiana R
unidentified, September 19, Indiana R
unidentified (probably Benny Special or Cheray), September 26, Indiana R
unidentified (probably Redtoprollen), October 19, Indiana R
unidentified, October 24, Hoosier R – “vascular rupture”
unidentified (probably Igottrumped), November 6, Indiana R – “cardio-pulmonary”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

unidentified, April 18, Indiana – “found dead in stall”
unidentified, May 6, Hoosier – “died in stall; no apparent struggle”
unidentified, June 13, Indiana – “found dead in stall”
unidentified, September 24, Indiana – “laminitis”


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  1. Indiana horse racing just showed how deep the corruption is when they don’t even properly respond to FOIA requests deliberately omitting the names of racehorses.
    They sure as hell mention their names in the racing program when they are generating massive wagering profits off their bones, backs and lives.
    This business facilitates corruption on a massive scale.
    By the way, since the billions in wagering profits are going across state lines with little to no transparency or even taxes – one can presume that there could be a significant amount of money laundering going on.
    Of course a WALL on the Mexican border is supposed to stop drugs and their financial networks.
    The only wall America needs is to stop this business and to stop abusing taxpayers money to support it.

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