Killed on Ohio Racetracks, 2018

Through a FOIA request to the Ohio State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018. Please note, however, that the Commission did not send “non-racing” deaths, so this list tells but a part of the story.

Electric Alphabet, January 8, Mahoning R
“fractured cannon (open, displaced), euthanized on track”

Honor the Empire, January 9, Mahoning R
“fractured knee (comminuted); blood drawn before euthanasia”

Oversized, January 10, Mahoning R
“fractured sesamoids”

Saenger, January 26, Mahoning T
“double sesamoid fracture”

Barbwirebilly, February 6, Mahoning R
“fractured sesamoid”

Forever Just, February 19, Northfield R
“comminuted P2 fracture”

Paiges Magic Man, February 24, Mahoning R
“fractured cannon (open, comminuted, displaced)”

Caladonia, March 2, Mahoning R
“fractured cannon, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

Western Tryst, March 5, Mahoning R
“fractured cannon (open, displaced); blood collected before euthanasia”

Warren’s Tricia R., March 7, Mahoning R
“fractured/disarticulated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

Troublewithatee, March 12, Mahoning R
“fractured/dislocated ankle, euthanized on track; blood drawn before euthanized”

Irst, March 16, Mahoning R
“fractured knee (multiple bones); vanned and euthanized after xrays”

Getaway Car, March 31, Mahoning R
“fractured ankle and ruptured tendon after wire”

Russian Greek, April 2, Mahoning R
“fractured ankle (open, dislocated), euthanized on track”

Lastofthe Moniqns, April 11, Mahoning T
“fractured ankle”

Rockin Finish, April 17, Miami Valley R
“pulled up lame, grave prognosis – owner agreed to euthanasia”

Up Front Out the Door, April 23, Miami Valley R
“fractured P1 – euthanized at the owner’s request”

Hatter’s Run, April 29, Thistledown T
“complete, open fracture ankle”

Hold On Hattie, May 13, Belterra R
“bilateral fracture of sesamoidean apparatus”

Ollygundon, May 23, Belterra T
“fractured shoulder”

Put It Back Jack, May 23, Thistledown R
“fractured [and] dislocated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

Major Hit, May 29, Thistledown R
“fractured both [italics added] knees during race; blood collected before euthanasia”

Un Bandido, May 30, Thistledown T
“fractured pastern”

Tasmania, June 2, Belterra R
“fractured both sesamoids, avulsed ligaments, dislocated fetlock joint”

My Erin, June 9, Belterra R
“fetlock was completely dislocated, open fractures, sesamoids and supporting ligaments completely avulsed”

Winning Edge, June 13, Thistledown R
“fractured and dislocated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

El Chiflado, June 20, Thistledown R
“fractured and dislocated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

Frensham, June 29, Belterra R
“sesamoid fracture and tendon avulsion”

Clever Thunder, June 30, Belterra R
“sesamoid fracture with avulsion of ligaments”

Planned Escape, July 4, Thistledown R
“fractured knee; blood collected before euthanasia”

Lady Arya, August 12, Belterra R
“fracture of sesamoids, subluxation of fetlock joint”

Dallas Seelster, August 14, Northfield R
“fracture P2, distal large slab”

Rise Above It, August 18, Thistledown R
“fractured/dislocated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

Tootsonine, August 26, Belterra T
“sesamoidean apparatus failed and fetlock joint completely luxated; jockey ok”

Incense, September 2, Belterra T
“ruptured ligament in stifle”

Gotanorangecrush, September 2, Belterra R
“open, compound [fracture] of cannon”

Pay My Feed Bill, September 5, Thistledown R
“fractured and dislocated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

Windy Cape, September 29, Belterra R
“fracture with avulsion of sesamoidean apparatus”

Financing Dreams, October 13, Thistledown R
“fractured cannon and sesamoid; blood collected before euthanasia”

Tiz Hot, October 17, Thistledown R
“fractured sesamoids, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

Very Elegant, November 3, Mahoning R
“fractured ankle, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

Protostar, November 6, Mahoning R
“fractured ankle, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

Trigger Warning, November 19, Mahoning R (euthanized November 20)
“fractured ankle; surgery [next day]…complications”

Dowager Countess, November 24, Mahoning R
“fractured knee, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

Gonnarockyourworld, December 1, Northfield R
“fracture cannon bone”

La Relampago, December 4, Mahoning R
“fractured knee (comminuted); blood collected before euthanasia”

Major Drama, December 10, Mahoning R
“fractured sesamoids, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

The Hero Within, December 26, Mahoning R
“broke down suspensory/ankle; previous fracture of knee; vanned and euthanized; blood collected before euthanasia”


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  1. Interesting that many of the charts at the end of last year just say “vanned off”, whereas the reports from ohio say “euthanized on track”. Chartwriters must be really increasing efforts to hide deaths. So much for transparency and integrity in racing. Seems it’s getting worse, not better.

  2. Transparency and integrity are nonexistent in racing.
    I do believe support for ending this. cruel, corrupt and unregulated business can be garnered. However, since there is no national Comission it looks like it will be a state by state long drawn out process with states like Callivornia Kentucky, New York, and Florida fighting every inch of the way to maintain the status quo.
    I, in no way, underestate racing’s power and tenacity in terms of political influence. They will not go quietly into the good night!!!
    Plus, I equate the integrity of politicians with that of trainers!

    It’s heartbreaking going over the PP’s of these racehorses who were, more or less, the walking dead.
    ELECTRIC ALPHABET; 13 years old!!! Made over $220,000 the HARD way. Started out as most do, stakes placed in upper level racing as a youngster, and then the extreme cruelty, abuse – it beggars belief.
    83 starts later and this poor old dude finally gave way. What they did to this horse is egregious.
    WESTERN TRYST. 10 years old. A former warrior who made over $275,000. Same thing as Electric Alphabet.
    RUSSIAN GREEK was on my “Death Watch List.” 10 years old. A MULTIPLE BLACK TYPE STAKES WINNER who, in his prime, was trained by no other than Jerry Hollendorfer. He won a bunch of stake races for Jerry, and then barely finished a race on March 24, 2018 so it was time to get rid of him because making over $200,000 is not enough to give him a soft landing.
    Instead, they wash their hands of him. It’s time to dump the horse that they probably crippled that they know can no longer perform in the stake races.
    So he shows up under a new owner/trainer in the next race where he DNF
    After that, it was multiple owners and trainers squeezing the life out of him – one droplet of blood at a time.
    Owner after owner, trainer after trainer, track after track, race after race, beating after beating, and we can only imagine the amount of dope being shoved into his veins, and joints to keep him going.
    These vampires never disappoint because if there’s one drop of blood left these blood sucking leeches have to make sure they suck it out of him before he drops dead in the dirt.
    Of course the original owner and trainer Jerry Hollendorfer doesn’t look back or go to rescue a horse that was so good to them. A horse that they sent into a life of abuse, pain, and suffering.
    These people are sub-humans – even insects have more compassion than these people will ever posses..

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