A Kill at Yonkers; Yet Another at Santa Anita

Tracey’s Desire in the 7th at Yonkers Thursday: “horse lost all speed near the half and subsequently collapsed on track…” Collapsed. Dead. At five. But fret not, for the Gaming Commission assures an “investigation” is under way.

The most recent Minutes from Santa Anita disclose two “fatalities” for the week Jan 28-Feb 3. One was Kid Cantina on the 2nd; the other, however, remains anonymous.

This is horseracing.


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  1. More greedy animal abusers sitting in a carriage while whipping and shouting at these helpless horses. Can’t wait for “what goes around, comes around”. It could takes days, months, years, but the Universe/Karma will remember. This is so sad.

    PEOPLE AT LARGE: BOYCOTT THOSE BLOODY RACES. To go there is to want to watch abuse in the making. Go to the movies, go for a walk instead, whatever.

  2. The Stronach Group, in collusion with pro-horse racing entities, is at it again. (They own Santa Anita)
    These apologists continue to not disclose the names of dead racehorses, and even edit out the dying on race replays, which clearly shows a gang of hoodlums that will go to no lengths to fill their wagering coffers.
    This is just on their tracks, but never reports the dead on their training centers such as Palm Meadows where over 1400 horses can be stalled at any given time.
    Their tracks are notorious for accommodating the trainers who have a long history of drug violations and/or racehorses dropping dead under their care – some under suspicious circumstances.
    His daughter Belinda Stronach has expressed her desire to make everything right by “modernizing” horse racing, “bring it into the 21st century” as she’s often quoted.
    Nowhere in her “modernization plan” is the elimination of racehorses dying on Stronach-owned tracks?
    It seems reasonable to assume that the dying will continue, the deliberate avoidance of the issue will continue, and the pressure to fill races/wagering coffers will all fall on the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses.
    The Stronach Group is hell-bent on continuing this horror show beyond the 21st century.

  3. You call this “horse racing” – this is horse slaughter and you should all be slaughtered along side those whom you kill. You are not horse people – you are the worst abusers ever – get this so called sport shut down none of you deserve to have these animals – NONE OF YOU!! You should all be doing time for animal cruelty. This is just totally disgusting and so such abusive use of power!!

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