New Jersey’s Sacrificed Racehorses, 2018

Through a FOIA request to the New Jersey Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018.

White Lightning, May 8, Monmouth T
“heart attack or aneurysm” (three years old)

Steve Says No, May 15, Monmouth T
“ligament rupture”

Pray for Bourbon, June 3, Monmouth R
“sesamoid fracture, comminuted pastern fracture, comminuted condylar fracture”

Head Hunter, June 23, Monmouth R
“fractured condyle”

Marathon Boy, July 7, Monmouth R
“sudden death” (four years old)

Passel, July 24, Monmouth T
“severe displaced fracture of the right carpus”

Chicago Sally, July 31, Monmouth T
“bilateral complete sesamoid fractures”

Magic Mangus, August 17, Monmouth R (euthanized August 31)
“right dorsal displacement; also – “laminitis, pneumonia, colic” – imagine this poor animal’s suffering

Gata’s Applause, August 18, Monmouth R
“comminuted slab fracture”

Chocolate Bourbon, August 31, Monmouth R
“fracture of femur”

Vivid Image, September 2, Monmouth R
“fractured medial and lateral sesamoid – suspect also condylar fracture”

Victory’s Idol, September 4, Monmouth T
“fractured pelvis”

Maderno, September 24, Monmouth T
no injury given

Shades of Grey, September 29, Meadowlands R (euthanized October 1)
“suspensory injury”

Sweet Reef, October 15, Monmouth T
“possible heart attack” (five years old)

Impulse Buy, October 30, Monmouth T
“complete, comminuted [fracture]”

In addition, these horses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Every Intention, March 10, Meadowlands
“severe injury to ankle, open wound into fetlock joint – euthanized in pit”

Exclusive Package, May 12, Monmouth
“chronic knee, post-surgical arthritis with new chips in upper joint” (four years old)

unnamed filly, May 24, Monmouth
“received lasix at 5:30; at 6:30 she was down in the stall with no pulse”; cause of death: “no idea” (three years old)

Sugar Foot, June 9, Monmouth
“suffering from EPM, doing poorly, owner elected humane destruction”

Divine Order, June 10, Monmouth
“severe colic, toxic, severe pain”

Fortune Hunter, August 17, Monmouth

Casual Honor (probably sic), October 1, Monmouth
“fever, diarrhea, founder” (two years old)


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    • It’s all dark Ashley, and it doesn’t qualify for a “sport”
      It’s not unlike pit pull fighting rings, only the victim is different.
      Furthermore, pit bulls have more legal protections than racehorses because people who conduct these rings, and people who kill them, are up on Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
      There are trainers who have multiple racehorses die under their “care” and get rewarded for such actions.
      It doesn’t get much lower than horse racing when it comes to blatant, legitimized, organized animal cruelty.

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