A Kill at Laurel; A Death at Belmont; 8 “Fatalities” in 2 Weeks at Santa Anita

Equibase’s account of the 4th at Laurel yesterday: “SHE’S STUNNING was pulled up in the opening furlong, sustained a catastrophic injury and was euthanized on the track.” Gone. Dead. She’s Stunning was four; she was under the whip for the 33rd time.

The NYS Gaming Commission reports this for 3-year-old Catpsalm at Belmont Tuesday: “euthanized due to poor prognosis for presumptive [equine protozoal myeloencephalitis].” Catpsalm had been raced once, at Aqueduct in December.

The most recent Stewards Minutes at Santa Anita report five – yes, five – “fatalities” for the week Jan 21-Jan 27. We know two; the other three, however, remain unidentified. In the past two editions of the Minutes, covering the 14th to the 27th, Santa Anita claims eight dead racehorses – eight, in just two weeks. Imagine that.

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  1. I abhor this business so much it makes me nauseous when I read this blog to find out what’s going on – the facts.
    When I visit this blog daily my only hope is that, for just one day, a racehorse won’t be maimed and/or killed.
    Wishful thinking.
    SHE’S STUNNING, didn’t look stunning laying on the track with sections of her muscoskeletal system broken.
    Oh, the irony of these names!
    This mare made over $330,000, ran her butt-off for these human parasitic leeches, and owner after owner used her, dumped her, sold her, until she finally gave way.
    The trainer/owner of CATPSALM should be charged with Felony Animal Cruelty charges because there’s NO WAY that either himself or his owner was NOT aware that this horse was suffering from EPM.
    CATPSALM was, more or less, sent out to die, but aren’t they all?
    Then there’s all the dying and dead racehorses at Frank and Belinda Stronach owned racetracks all over the country, including Santa Anita, and little to nothing is being done about it.
    They don’t need the money – they are multi-billionaires, and they choose to make money off sentient beings.
    Mr. Stronach spent 55 million (according to recent court documents) on a cement Pegasus statute to adorn the entrance of Gulfstream Park while racehorses (that raced on his tracks) are ending up at kill auctions due to lack of industry funding!
    This example clearly shows somebody lacking in mental faculties and/or compassion.
    Belinda Stronach who now controls the horse racing empire of The Stronach Group (TSG) claims that she will “modernize” horse racing to provide a better experience for gamblers, but consistently fails to address the thousands of racehorses that have been maimed and/or killed on their tracks.
    Ms. Stronach, you can “modernize” all you want, but you will never change the fact that you choose to profit off the bones, backs, and lives of sentient beings because dying is inherent in horse racing.
    Ms. Stronach, please, I implore you, to stop facilitating the massive pain, suffering, and dying of racehorses on TSG-owned tracks.
    So sorry for all racehorses who lost their lives for this vile business and the vile people who support it.

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