“Fell Over Another Horse, Pulmonary Hemorrhage, Died Instantly” – Massachusetts’ Dead, 2018

Through a FOIA request to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at that state’s tracks in 2018. Please note, however, that Suffolk Downs, Massachusetts’ (and New England’s) only Thoroughbred track, runs but a handful of dates each year. (Massachusetts’ other track, Plainridge, is harness.)

Anatevka, July 7, Suffolk R
“fractured radial and intermediate carpal bones”

Desert Safari, July 8, Suffolk R
“fractured [several] carpal bones”

Geremel Hanover, August 21, Plainridge R
“fell over another horse, pulmonary hemorrhage, died instantly”

M K’s Delight, September 16, Suffolk
“colic” (last raced August 4)

City Pie, September 25, Plainridge R (euthanized September 27)
“fractured humerus”

New York Kitty, November 8, Plainridge R
“fractured metatarsus”


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  1. Another sham track that is kept open to gain access to the horse funds in the public coffers, and probably gives some to the politicians along the way.
    This just shows how influential horse racing was in this country at one time.
    They were actually guaranteed millions of the public coffer money to keep these hell holes going.
    It’s time to stop this and time to shut this cruelty circus down.

  2. This needs to stop nation wide!! I will continue to keep spreading the word about the wrongs and evil animal abuse that goes on in the horse racing industry until this is put to an end.

  3. I just watched laurels 4th race fri shes stunning was run to death she was out prx jan 1 previous ltl she won now today pulled up comin out of gate euthinzed on track not enough time to rest hungry owners dont care they dont feel the pain just greedy fo money rip shes stunning

    • Barbara, thanks for posting this information.
      I reviewed it and, yes your right, in the 4th race at Laurel Park today SHE’S STUNNING went down in the dirt at the 1/4 pole, and was euthanized.
      This is heartbreaking.
      This mare consistently performed for these human parasites making over $330,000 along the way.
      Owner after owner and nobody gave her the soft landing that she deserved.
      Needle poke after needle poke to, most likely, mask pre-existing conditions to further squeeze the lemon dry.
      These people are blood sucking human leeches and they are disgusting human beings from the owners Frank and Belinda Stronach (who owns Laurel) to all the apologists – shame on you all.
      This must end, and it can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.

  4. Also laurel is bad weather today snowing hard since races started 1230pm the track could be frozen from snow falling whos in charge dont jockeys care cancel races fri weather gettin worse give horses a break hope no more fatalties

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