Forbes Article on Slaughter

The following 2011 Forbes article is a good companion piece to Joy’s expose of the racing industry’s “anti-slaughter” policies. Please note: In the article, the author refers to “the 750 [horses] who die on the track each year.” This, as anyone who reads this site knows, is clearly misinformed. Regardless, it’s worth reading (and sharing).

“Racing Industry Silent About Slaughtered Thoroughbreds”


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  1. This powerful 2011 Forbes article by Ms. Eckhoff could have been written yesterday. Nothing has changed – except the increasing numbers of racehorses who are killed in their “jobs” and who make it out alive only to be butchered in slaughterhouses.

    And FYI, the number Eckhoff used in regards to the horses that died on the track? – 2011 was before Horseracing Wrongs existed and provided a more accurate report of dead racehorses. I don’t fault her but the industry that hides their dead “athletes” as best it can.

  2. Interesting that the article specifically mentioned that craphole, Mountaineer. Nothing has changed in 8 years, as proven by Joy’s amazing work on exposing Burt Sipp and the clown posse that run WV racing, and specifically Mountaineer racetrack.

  3. WOW, Ferdinand and other winners sent to slaughter! I don’t think anybody knows about this. It’s pure evil that this is happening and has happened in the past.
    Need to spread the word more and get these laws passed. Theses poor horses need a VOICE!

  4. SHUT DOWN this horrifically brutal, unconscionable, depraved industry PERMANENTLY —- the bloodcurdling lives of this industry’s magnificent Horses MUST be exposed — no one in their right mind would ever attend a horse-race again.

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