Another Kill at Santa Anita, Plus Two Other California Casualties

“For the second consecutive day, a turf stakes was marred by a fatal breakdown” – and so begins the Daily Racing Form’s coverage of “the [$100,000] Megahertz Stakes for fillies and mares” at Santa Anita yesterday. “Marred,” again. And, again, just a brief mention of the dead “athlete” amid a multi-paragraph article on the race. A truly remarkable capacity for compartmentalizing this Mr. Steve Andersen (the DRF’s writer in both cases) has. Yesterday’s victim: Last Promise Kept. She was four.

In Santa Anita’s most recent Stewards Minutes, two “fatalities” are noted for the week Jan 7-Jan 13. One we know is Derby Treasure; the other remains anonymous. Meanwhile, Golden Gate reports a training kill on the 11th – 5-year-old Defiantly.

California, end this madness.


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  1. The Stronach Group promotes, supports, facilitates the massive pain, suffering, maiming, and dying of racehorses.
    Frank and Belinda Stronach SHAME ON YOU!

  2. Yes it is sad to see and hear of these horrible tragedies, but I myself am tired of all this. I see in the south and east coast there are a number of horses that are sent to kill pens because their owners have no more use for them, they made their score now time to do away with them (horses). This really makes me sick, to see. To me owners and trainers that do this, are in humane people that don’t care for animals, something needs to be done bout this, give them a home, they made u money, so show them you care, don’t send them to be slaughtered

    • VYJACK made over 1.4 MILLION and this ISN’T ENOUGH for these blood sucking human parasites!!!
      He was retired in August of 2017 due to alleged injuries that would only risk his life if they continued.
      Sounded so good didn’t it?
      Owners who actually have some moral scruples right?
      At 8 years old Vyjack has been put back into training at Frank Stronach owned Santa Anita, and is now heading for his next race where his pre-existing conditions may give out, but so what?
      If he dies then they can to keep their blood money and not have to board a horse for the next 20 years!
      Oh, and I’m sure they have their equine insurance policy in place, and what better place to die than at a Frank Stronach owned track who seems to go to no lengths to protect these parasitic human bloodsuckers.
      They will use Vyjack’s championship record and his notoriety to probably promote the first race he’s in, and what does that translate to?
      MONEY more wagering MONEY for wagering outlets some of which is owned by Frank Stronach.
      Of course this is all speculation and opinion, but it’s those secret undisclosed doping/vet records that will protect these parasitic, heartless, greedy owners from prosecution should Vyjack drop dead in the dirt.
      The records would, most likely, show pre-existing conditions that may have healed on rest, but could rear their ugly head at any time, and to gamble with his life is just fine by these parasites.
      Unfortunately, Vyjack is not an anomaly in this vile business because you would have to be vile, evil, with no compassion or moral scruples to continue in a business like this.

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