“Went Wrong,” Dead at Golden Gate; “Catastrophic Injury,” Dead at Santa Anita

A pair of kills from the West Coast yesterday…

In the 6th at Golden Gate, Big Ceas “went wrong,” says Equibase, and was subsequently euthanized. ‘Twas the 2-year-old’s 10th time under the whip.

In the 8th at Santa Anita, Amboseli “suffered a catastrophic injury” – also euthanized. The Daily Racing Form says Amboseli’s “fatal accident marred the race” – a Grade 3 Stakes, which is why the DRF was even writing about it to begin with. Still, their recap gave but a couple sentences to the death, with the rest devoted to much more important matters like the take and the strategic thinking of the “winning” jockey.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Big Ceas wouldn’t have been technically 3 yet until mid- March. And 10 races already. What a damn shame for this gorgeous baby.

    • Yes it is, Peggy! It is so needless and cruel! Whips and drugs are fair game for the horse owners and trainers! Greed and ego take over and interfere with any compassion and respect! It is tragic that this abuse, exploitation,
      horse injuries, deaths, etc. are allowed in this country!! It is time to boycott this ugly business once and for all!! it is akin to the Iditarod dogs that suffer terribly and die for man’s pleasure!!

  2. If people would get educated about the horrors the horses endure for this “sport” and would boycott all horse racing events, this cruel business would go down fast! Please spread the word to others who will sign against this blatant cruelty to horses! Many thanks!

  3. The horse racing ‘industry’ is totally out of control. There is no justification for racing two year old babies. I would like to see this ended today.

  4. AMBOSELI victim of “trainer” (according to industry categorizations), but really a racehorse killer: James Cassidy.
    Like most trainers he has a litany of issues from racehorses dying under suspicious circumstances to doping violations, but just never gets any meaningful permanent sanctions or repercussions.
    This industry endorses, permits, and facilitates the massive pain, suffering, and dying of racehorses.
    It’s time to shut it down, and it can’t come soon enough for the racehorses – their profit slaves.

  5. This on going cruel killing of these young horses needs to stop.These horse death occur when horses are faced way too young all because people want to make money on bets.

  6. A 2 year old, dead. Well, maybe better than a horrific life ending at the slaughterhouse. I don’t mean it was good he died. I just think about the horrors of the lives of those never rescued.
    As for the second horse and the note that “The Daily Racing Form” wrote – oh, sure, just how that horse made a race less than perfect.

    • Sad to say, the horses that are injured and euthanized are the lucky ones because if they manage to survive the daily abuse that is SOP in racing they are shipped to their “retirement”- a horrific death by slaughter.
      Racing is a hellish gambling business populated by those who break laws daily. They are devoid of any human decency compassion or integrity. No other business operates with such impunity.(
      It says nothing good about our society that this lawless business continues despite the the outrageous cruelty and outright cheating. It is truly inexplicable..

      • Well said Rose, but it infuriates me that our government/politicians financially support this dying business.
        This vile business hasn’t been self-sustainable in years!
        Yet, our politicians decide to skim billions in casino profits and/or give millions in precious taxpayers money to continue this horror show.
        Their decisions never consult the taxpayers, completely avoid any type of public consultations because they know damn well that 75% or more of the population doesn’t want one dime going to this dead business.
        Our government is in bed with this, seems to be, ring of organized gangsters.
        In the midst of this chaos, and evil people are innocent, defenseless, voiceless racehorses being maimed and killed on a daily basis.
        Take every single one of these dirt hell holes plow them over, shut them down, and build decent, moral residential/commercial structures to collect year round tax revenues instead of this total waste of money.
        The only reason why these politicians support it is because they are getting their palms greased it seems.
        Every single indication points to this because it’s totally outrageous to support this cruelty circus.

  7. Another depravedly indifferent, unconscionably cruel day at the races — LET’S SHUT DOWN THIS BRUTAL INDUSTRY.

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