3-Year-Old Killed at Belmont Yesterday

Speke, three, was killed training at Belmont yesterday, says the Gaming Commission – “suffered a fracture to his right shoulder…euthanized on the track.” He is the fourth dead racehorse at NY tracks on the young year.


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  1. This is disgusting. Is there no limit to the abuse of all “entertainment” animals for greed.
    The so called gentile sport of horse racing is not unlike a street “crap game” with lowlifes. The tract goers get all dressed up
    (Ascot in England) and watch horses being forced to race for their vanity and greed..
    Get a people sport and leave animals in peace.

    • Interesting, Peter! – since HW is the only organization that works towards seeing an end to horseracing and those who support the industry have become (very) aware of us, there are some “racing enthusiasts” who, in exasperation of this site’s exposure of the killing, use desperate measures in attempts to “derail” this cause. That, of course, will not happen – but curiously, there is a Gulfstream track announcer with your name! How coincidental is that!

  2. When will people end their greed and develop compassion for horses! Horse racing is a brutal “sport” which is all about egos and money! Of course, the horse pay the ultimate price for their lack of respect for these wonderful animals! Drugs are used and horses are raced when they are too young! It is a national tragedy that this cruelty is allowed! All racetracks need to be closed for good!

  3. What the hell is going on over there, these are only young horse that should be living a long life, we do not have any thing like this here, I am heart broken to see this.

  4. SPEKE yet another victim of “trainer”, racehorse killer TODD PLETCHER.
    This dude is a Class A racehorse maimer and killer.
    He’s had so many doping violations that started from the onset of his “career”, and we’re talking serious doping folks.
    Every doping violation is disturbing, but when he got caught using Mepivacaine this just showed how low this morally bankrupt person had become.
    Here’s an article with all the facts worth reading:
    Poor Coronado Heights.
    Scroll down this article to see what Todd Pletcher did to Coronado Heights.
    Pathetic blood sucking human parasite who sucks the juice right out of them until they drop dead in the dirt.
    Teflon Todd.

  5. Here’s a graphic chart of all the needles shoved into Coronado Heights in order to force him into servitude.
    At this point, Todd Pletcher knew that C.H had degenerative joint disease – an extremely painful condition that negates retirement from horse racing and most physical activity.
    Instead, the morally bankrupt Pletcher decided to juice him up, send him out to run, and risk his life in order to cash in on bets and/or to pick up some more money.
    Wonder what he tells his kids every time another one dies under his brutal training regime?

    • Gina, unfortunately his kids probably don’t care either, as long as they are raking in the big money for being such an “elite” trainer. I’m sure they are all living a very comfortable life made from the bodies of horses. One can only hope that maybe they will not follow their father into such a shady, corrupt industry, but my hopes aren’t too high for that, since they got a taste of living the high life, they will probably continue his methods of winning at all costs.

      • Oh absolutely, Peggy – the children of racing industry members become conditioned to the horses’ exploitation – they’re brought up being taught that it’s normal. I’m certain there are a few exceptions but most will follow in their parents’ footsteps supporting (minimally) the exploitation.

      • Joy is 100% correct.
        I grew up in this business and I was conditioned to accept it – I did, and it took me many years to “uncondition” myself.
        There were many episodes that left me shaken, and constantly questioning what the hell was I supporting?
        When your in that delusional state your own family and best friends can’t talk you out of it for the most part, but at least they plant the seeds to get you thinking in the right direction.
        My only regret is that I didn’t listen to reason, to rationality, and that I didn’t get out sooner.
        It got to the point where I could no longer rationalize the horrors going on around me.
        Better late than never.

  6. How come this man is still trading if he is using drugs, in England we have very strict rules about doping, all the horses are tested regulary and this happens before they go on the track, why has this man not been put in prison.

    • Not only is he not penalized, Muriel, he’s emulated and idolized!! That’s how sick this industry is. Same with Jorge Navarrro, who bragged about “juicing”. Ridiculous. Sad part is, the addicted bettors know these guys are drugging, the people racing against them know they are drugging, and the corruption continues, and is allowed to happen.

      • There is not 1 trainer (with records) in the Racing Hall of (SH)ame who doesn’t have dead racehorses and/or doping violations – NOT ONE.
        It seems to be a mandatory requisite in order to be inducted.
        This clearly shows what this industry is about – rewarding people who kill racehorses and cheat along the way.

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