“Two Equine Deaths Due to Racing Injuries” at Los Alamitos

In the most recent Stewards Minutes from Los Alamitos, two “equine deaths due to racing injuries” are disclosed for Jan 4-Jan 6. One, we know, is Adroit; the other, as California prefers to keep these as closely-guarded secrets, remains anonymous.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Los Alamitos is Ed Allred’s private funeral parlor for racehorses.
    He’s been operating with total impunity and non-transparency for years like most tracks.
    This dude has been at it for years, and thousands of racehorses have been maimed and killed for his greed, and alleged gambling habit.
    He’s now 83, and with no wife or children (according to records) who knows what will happen to this hell hole?
    As of late, many local residents are fighting hard to have it shut down, but with a bunch of judges on Allred’s board, and politicians who supposedly have loyalties to him, it’s difficult to end the massive pain and suffering there.
    Hopefully, the residents of California will make sure that this no longer continues.

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