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  1. On several previous occasions I predicted that things would get much worse – they have.
    However, it’s hard to quantify “worse” when even one death is inexcusable, and horrific.
    The Stronach Group owns Laurel Park so it doesn’t surprise me that the video was edited.
    It’s disconcerting that 1 group can facilitate the massive suffering and dying of racehorses, and still go to government begging for money to keep this carnage going.
    The more they try to mask things the more the evil is exposed.
    This industry will be their own demise and this video is yet another example.
    Lack of horses, lack of owners, unsustainable racing fans not replacing aging demographics, astronomical costs of keeping a horse racing, lack of enforcement for doping, inhumane treatment of a racehorse by whipping/beating, sending horses to trainers who have a lengthy “killing” record, pounding on underdeveloped muscoskeletal systems, intense pressure to fill races etc. etc. are all contributing factors to what’s going on and this will only intensify as the problem balloons.
    Weaving throughout these issues is a voiceless, defenseless, sentient being paying the price for these heartless delusional blood sucking human parasites.
    To all the racehorses who have died for this vile business and the vile people in it – we hear you.

      • Raymond, I’m glad that you live in a sterile, non- graphic world, but sadly that is far from reality. As far as your argument about police videos? I don’t know how old you are or what state you live in, but in mine, when we became new drivers and took classes from the state, we were shown videos of car accidents and the carnage it caused to the human victims. And as I became an adult, I became involved in numerous school system’s prom promise, where we re-enacted wrecks and made the victims as gruesome and graphic as we could, in the hopes we would save young prom goers lives and scare them straight. Not because we wanted to be gory, but In the hopes of saving lives.
        I was a horse racing lover. I was watching the Kentucky derby the day eight belles snapped both her front legs off. It was sterilized on the version I watched, the announcers said she had “broken down” and then they went on to discuss that she had been euthanized. Well, it happens in racing, right? Just part of the game. But I can damn well guarantee had they shown her trying to stand up on her 2 stumps where her hooves had been, There would have been a hell of a lot more anti- racing supporters created that day, instead of the frenzy of another derby winner.
        When I saw my first break down at the track, the same thing happened to that mare that happened to eight belles. Her one leg was laying down the track from her, her other leg laying on her shoulder, completely separated from her body. And as she struggled to get up, people piled on her to keep her down til the vet could euthanize her. I was SHOCKED!! I didn’t even know that could happen to a horse! Here I was, kind of innocent, and having never really known what happened to eight belles, because, meh, she broke a leg and they put her down. Well, now I know, because I saw it.
        I have numerous horse-loving friends, that, bless them, are also innocent to the realities of the carnage at the tracks. The first time I showed a video to my one friends, her response was, “that really happens?!” Yes, it does. This is reality. She was under the impression they break a leg, they get euthanized, or they get retired to a cushy pasture to live out their lives happily. Not that a leg is laying down the track from the body it was once attached to, or that horses are cartwheeling over each other as they collide and breaking necks.
        If you feel these pics and videos are too graphic, don’t look at them. But I can guarantee you, it is reality, and most of the general public is not fully aware of that. Do you think future anti racing supporters would be created if they don’t know the horrific realities? Or do you think they would be created by warm and fuzzy pics of the latest triple crown winner, (who also raced on an undisclosed ankle injury) ? I personally think that they will be created when they look at these videos and think to themselves, “holy s***- that REALLY happens!!!”, like I did.

      • Raymond, if it’s too hard to watch, horses shouldn’t be enduring it. What’s SICK is the number of individuals who still defend what you think is unnecessary to show.

      • Raymond Welch, if you read Patrick’s introduction again you’ll realise that a person sent the official unedited video of the race to him. HW did not go and find it as you allege.
        The sickening deaths of the horses in this race is indefensible, along with all the other similar racehorse deaths’ incidents which are nearly always edited out of the videos put on public display.
        An inconvenient truth is deceitfully hidden from the public which sustains the horseracing industry.
        Go figure.

      • How anthropocentric of you to only think about how YOU feel about the pics.
        What’s really sick are the people who support this carnage.
        That would be any apologist.
        Pics of dead racehorses laying in the dirt will stop when your industry stops killing them.
        So you can pretty much expect more pics to come unfortunately.

  2. I have loved horses since I was a young girl and have always wanted to have one of my own, which has never happened. At the age of 80, it is sickening to see horses still being so horribly abused by the racing industry who only uses and abuses them for personal gain.

  3. Horrible and heartbreaking – these poor horses. I want horseracing to be banned in the UK too, it’s such a cruel sport. With love from the UK x

  4. This video literally made me nauseous. Horse racing is completely inhumane.
    What is wrong with people, that they can be so detached and uncompassionate ?

  5. I’m too scared to watch this video as the comments were enough for me. I don’t think the majority of the public are aware of this carnage I know i wasn’t until fairly recently and I am now totally against horse racing and will never again attend (actually I’ve only been twice both business invites). I hope I live to see the sport totally banned. This planet has to change.

    Much success and keep on fighting.

  6. This video showing the reality of horse racing, including the spill, the dying, and the horror, has been posted to YouTube 2 days ago.
    Put in the search engine LAUREL SPILL and there you will find it.
    Please leave a comment there as well if you can.
    Somebody keeps trying to submerge this video, but it keeps getting bumped up to the top.
    It’s had 322 views so far, and this will continue to grow.
    As pro-horse racing entities continually attempt to hide the horrors, the truth behind the fancy hats and “entertainment” banner will be countered with the facts.
    The facts are indisputable – horse racing kills racehorses.

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