“Cardiovascular Event” at Los Alamitos

The Stewards Minutes for Los Alamitos (Thoroughbred) report one “fatality” for the week Dec 3-Dec 9; the dead horse is almost assuredly Miss Dialed from December 7. In that race, Equibase reported the 2-year-old as “pulled up,” then “fell, vanned off.” The Stewards provide a bit more detail – the proverbial “cardiovascular event,” which of course would explain the fall. That race, by the way, was Miss Dialed’s third ever; the previous two: second-to-last, 31+ lengths back Sep 8; “pulled up, DNF” Aug 10. Perhaps she was trying to say (scream) something to her trainer, Ricardo Zamora?

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  1. These unfortunate sudden cardiac events involving innocent otherwise healthy horses(their easy out is always going to be,”it was probably a pre-existing condition ” these scumbag trainers,vets,racing commissions,racing management,know damn well what is the sudden increase in sudden cardiac events in racehorses.PED’s. Performance Enhancing Drugs.These drugs such as EPO or drugs that duplicate the same effect of which there are several new ones commonly used for cheating and RACE FIXING.Effecting the outcome of a betting contest through illegal activities.Which by the way is running rampant through all the small venues as well as in New Yorks Major tracks,Harness and Thoroughbred.This is clearly a detriment to the horses and to this,mostly dirty industry.I know some clean hard working trainers that are clean and run there business fairly but the ones that overwhelm the business of horse racing are allowed by track management and the state including law enforcement let them get away with the animal abuse and the cheating.This problem is not deemed a priority and the people that are in charge of watching and regulating are to busy watching and regulating how much CASH they can suck out of this DIRTY GAME.

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