The Week in Racing

Last week in U.S. Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse Racing

Special Crown Romeo “fell, DNF” at Evangeline
Industrial Logic “fell, DNF” at Parx
Desierto Famoso “vanned off” at Zia
Ohio Silver “injured after the wire and vanned off” at Mahoning
Troubled Charlie “vanned off” at Turfway
Copabella “bled” at Turfway
Personal Cat “vanned off” at Turfway
Nile Rising “bled from nostrils” at Turfway
Consensus Thinking “suffered a fatal injury…euthanized [on track]” at Aqueduct
Whole Scoop “fell to her face, DNF” at Fair Grounds
Sly Tom “vanned off” at Fair Grounds
Sambucca Steve “took bad step…had to be euthanized” at Gulfstream
Legendary Vision “was pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Hawthorne
Minder “vanned off” at Penn
Big Mischief “suffer[ed] fatal injury…euthanized” at Aqueduct
Confederation “vanned off” at Aqueduct

Many if not most of the “Vanned” will resurface on my year-end FOIA Kill-Reports.
“Bled/Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” typically indicates pulmonary hemorrhage.

(source: Equibase)


  1. Modern day public execution ring sanctioned and supported with taxpayers money and/or millions in casino profits.
    This is accomplished by convincing state/local politicians (via cash “contributions” most likely) who refuse to hold public hearings because they know damn well that the majority of community residents don’t want to support horse racing.
    So sorry for all racehorses who were maimed and killed for this horrific industry.

  2. CONQUEST ENFORCER (CE) Multiple graded stakes winner, Canadian Champion of the year, made over $500,000 and died when put back into training.
    This horse had a horrible life full of vile people who didn’t ensure that he had a safe happy landing as per usual in this vile business.
    He changed owners multiple times.
    He started out with owners Conquest Stables who, it’s reportedly rumored, decided to get out of horse racing back in 2016 and sold this horse for millions.
    Not a scant thought of taking care of a horse who took good care of them because this is horse racing.
    This poor horse ended up in the hands of a blatant racehorse abuser, multiple doper trainer, who has a horrific record of maiming and killing races – JORGE NAVARRO (JN)
    Most of us on this blog are familiar with JN because he should be banned from being around any animals let alone racehorses, but this industry protects the abusers – this is the truth behind horse racing.
    Here’s just a scant view of JN and how he feels about “juicing” a horse:
    CE had his last start was on 9/1/2018 for JN where he barely made it through the race “dueled and faded.” while getting whipped in the process – hardly “royal” treatment for a “family member” right?
    They were supposed to retire him, but he showed back up in training recently and he died equine insurance policy most likely in place.
    Whether it was a bladder stone or shattered bones this industry is SOLELY responsible for CE’s death.

    • The very fact that Navarro is STILL allowed to “train” says ALL anybody needs to know about this horse abusing/ killing business.

  3. I would like to point out that it was one of the owners, Glen Ellis, who decided to send CE to JN knowing or should know the horrific history of this trainer.
    This would be like sending your son to John Wayne Gacy knowing that the outcome is most likely death.
    Another thing, a bladder stone usually shows signs in a racehorse long before there’s a “hole” in his bladder – the reason they cite for humanely euthanizing him.
    So while Conquest Enforcer was running his butt-off making over $500.000 not one of these so called “trainers” or owners investigated the source of this issue??
    Or, it’s possible they were well aware of it, but masked it with dope and sent him out to run.
    After all, he barely made it through his last race these people are negligent, but it’s the secret doping/vet records that they can rely on to keep them from being held accountable for CE’s death.
    This is just so VILE it’s unbelievable what’s going on in this horror show.
    Conquest Enforcer – so sorry for you pal.

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