The Abuse of Girlie’s Dream

In the final race at Penn Thursday, the Equibase writer relayed this: “GIRLIE’S DREAM got jostled around a bit at the start and bumped into LADY VOODOO in the process, was hustled into stride but showed no interest in accelerating, was struck eleven times by the whip [jockey, Maicol Inirio]…but was void of speed throughout…” Girlie’s Dream finished 39+ lengths back. But it’s even worse. This was GD’s 10th race – all maiden claiming, all at cheap tracks (Aqueduct, Penn). The previous nine:

last, 28+ lengths back
second-to-last, 30+ lengths back
last, 49+ lengths back
second-to-last, 19 lengths back
second-to-last, 27+ lengths back
last, 25 lengths back
last, 17+ lengths back
second-to-last, 31 lengths back
second-to-last, 21 lengths back

Egregious animal abuse, defined. The primary abuser: trainer/owner Randi Persaud. Not the first I’ve written on this miscreant masquerading as a “horseman”:

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“Horses Killed in Consecutive Races at New and Improved Aqueduct”


  1. But racehorses love to run, apologists will say. This one is obviously sore, injured, or has no interest, and is smart enough not to try harder to possibly hurt herself more, even while being beaten mercilessly. And yet, where are the apologists to save her from this?

  2. WHO in the hell allowed, permitted, authorised GIRLIE’S DREAM to continue to race when her previous nine (9) starts clearly revealed that GD was not up to the high speed exercise forced upon her. Not unusual for a first start performance to come home distanced but to again come home the disturbing distance of
    30 lengths in her second start should’ve put up the red flag and then her third start she comes home 49 lengths should’ve resulted in her being banned from racing due to being uncompetitive.
    It just beggars belief that GD was forced to race another 6 starts all of which resulted in unacceptable very distanced finishes.
    This is sick, it really is.

    • It’s Penn National, Carolyn. Enough said (not that any other American track would be any kinder to the horse or less complicit to the abuse).

  3. Randi Persaud shame on you for the abuse I am sick to death you will not get away with this I swear

  4. This is an utter disgrace. This Industry is rotten through and through all in the pursuit of momentary glory and of course money. The abuse and commoditisation of these gentle and intelligent animals disgusts me. Where is the regulation and the welfare? Oh wait, veterinarians are in the money also. It all makes me sick.

  5. Will NEVER GO TO A HORSE RACE AGAIN!!! We visit Del Mar at least once a year. Will not support this abuse. It’s appalling and terrible. Breaks my heart.

  6. This poor horse is going to end up in the meat trade – needs rescuing to cease any further beatings

  7. I find it so hard to accept this animal abuse continues on a daily basis – it is horrendous, callous cruelty purely for human greed. Each horse that is abused makes it more tragic and the fact that owners, trainers, jockeys, punters and even, in some cases vets all turn a blind eye is utterly heart breaking. 💔

  8. We can all help end cruel horseraces by speaking about them at schools, churches and any other community and institutional meeting places.

  9. Why run a horse that clearly has no chance, ability or desire to compete? Must be for tax reasons (business loss)??? Should not be allowed to enter by tracks since she has proven to have no chance to compete. Who would bet a dime on this horse? Legalized stealing by the tracks. Hope someone intervenes and adopts her off the track…probably a sweet horse…

  10. Unfortunately, GIRLIE’S DREAM is not an anomaly in horse racing because there are many more one step away from dying, but being clearly abused based on their PP’s:
    TOCCET’S CHARM – 106 starts and $285,347, multiple owners/trainers, and STILL NOT ENOUGH for these bloodsucking parasites to give him a safe and soft landing!
    One can only imagine how many times they have plunged needles into his joints and anywhere else.
    WELL IN TUNE, FLYING PLEASANTLY, BUSS THE BELL: just look at these racehorses PP’s.
    It’s just flat out cruelty to animals just like GIRLIE’S DREAM.
    ACT OF MADNESS (AOM) is another very sad case of cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment of a racehorse.
    AOM has 80 starts, has made over $283,000, is now 8 years old and they gave him ONLY 7 days rest between 12/13/2018 and then on 12/22/2018 these low life human parasites.
    Then another ONLY 10 days rest just before this 7 day rest raced on 11/10/2018 and then on 11/20/2018.
    Then ONLY a 6 day rest previous to this and a claim in so change of owners for another round of abuse raced on 6/23/2018 and then on 6/30/2018 when he was claimed.
    By 12/22/2018 ACT OF MADNESS a multiple winner of over $200,000 was forced into 5 races in 42 days.
    Most of the abuse taking place at PARX who received billions in casino profits to keep this abuse going.
    ALL ABOUT ASHLEY. Horrific abuse with just a 4 day rest between races 12/10/2016 then 12/14/2016.
    Then multiple vet scratches (has to be serious for a track vet to scratch a horse) still continues the abuse with only a 7 day rest on 5/28/2017 then on 6/3/2017 all taking place at Aqueduct that would be shut down if it wasn’t for casino profits.
    I reviewed some replays of All About Ashley and they are very disturbing knowing that this mare is being shoved into races with little rest, multiple vet scratches, multiple owners including the infamous Steve Assmusen, and being repeatedly BEATEN/WHIPPED during most of her races is horrific animal cruelty and suffering.
    ALMOST GRECIAN – 11 years old!!!!! Yes folks, you read that right, 11 years old!! Trained by the racehorse abuser trainer Patricia Farro who makes a living off of these warriors, who claims these top horses as soon as they are dropped into claiming, who runs them into the ground in most cases either maiming or killing them or they disappear off the radar and it’s a known fact that she has trained or still trains for members of the HBPA.
    AG was last raced on 1/21/2017 then dropped out of sight like most of her racehorses.
    This entire list and the people who continue to abuse and support this abuse sicken me.
    This is absolutely vile.

  11. So Patricia Farro aka trainer abuser run them into the ground and ghost out you are an abomination to the human race and you will pay for the wrongs you have done

  12. Are you fu**ing kidding me?
    Just when I thought I had listed the worse on my previous post it gets worse.
    After all, this is horse racing.
    MY CHARMING CLYDE not being treated charmingly at all – oh, the irony of these names.
    Anyways, this poor gelding is 11 years old and has 119 starts – yes folks you read that right.
    He’s STILL training and running at Tampa Bay where he just finished 3rd on 12/19/2018 in a bottom claimer.
    It would take me hours to go through the his PP’s to provide an accurate account on the number of different owners/trainers, but my last count was at least 4, which translates to repeated invasive and painful procedures to mask (most likely) serious chronic issues.
    There’s NO WAY that a racehorse of this age being run with little to no rest over the years has NO chronic issues, and this doesn’t include mental anguish and suffering.
    He’s made $499,396 the HARD WAY, and has made just about anybody who claimed him money and what does he get in return?
    He gets continued daily pain, suffering, dope, beating/whipping, and what the hell else you can think of.
    Not one of these human parasitic low life morally bankrupt scum bags gives him a grassy paddock, a safe landing that he so deserves.
    The wagering firms, racetrack owners, and other entities that have made thousands of dollars off of him – where are they?
    Nowhere to be found, of course, because they don’t care he’s just another number and if he drops dead they will protect all the abusers of this racehorses because this is horse racing.
    This is the truth behind the fancy hats, and “entertainment” banner.
    Don’t wager, call your Senators, educate people, write letters, sign petitions, please do something – anything.

    • Gina, as always, thank you for the horses’ names you provide and exposing the abuse they are continually being subjected to. Oh but if we could acquire every single one to rescue them from the constant exploitation. I think about them all – standing in their stalls (especially the long nights), alone and isolated (and I worry about fires like the one that just killed the Standardbreds – that HORROR just SICKENS me to the core!), lack of stimulation, sore limbs….waiting and waiting – what an excruciating and unnatural life!

      Of course, we could rescue every horse you named but there are thousands more. Whenever we do save a horse’s life, we’re merely applying another BandAid to a massive hemorrhaging wound. It will never be enough as long as this industry exists.

    • ACT OF MADNESS entered AGAIN for Jan. 7th at no other than PARX racing.
      This track is a hell hole, cruelty, and death pit for racehorses.
      The pro-horse racing entities, enablers of the maiming/dying, permits this horse to be entered and run.
      This one example alone clearly shows that their all there to fill races, increase wagering profits.
      PALLADIAN BRIDGE this poor mare finished 26 1/2 lengths behind the winner. She’s made over $400,000 and that’s still NOT ENOUGH to stop on her, to give her what she deserves because these human blood sucking parasites will keep sucking until there is no more blood to give.
      ALL ABOUT ASHLEY. The ongoing abuse of this poor mare is horrific just like GIRLIE’S DREAM. Her biggest downfall is that she picks up a check every once in awhile, which further subjects her to abuse.
      HUMBOLT STREET – the abuse continues.
      I’ve been keeping an informal list of some racehorses who were horribly abused and then disappeared off the radar.
      The racing office had “no comment” as to where these racehorses ended up and wants nothing to do with racehorses after they are done filling races often citing that a racehorse is the “property of the owner.”
      How convenient is that?
      Here’s the list: ALL ABOUT ABBY, HY QUALITY PRINCE, HONOR N GRACE (severely abused by the usual trainers).
      I have another 20, but they are gone probably ended up at slaughter and this isn’t even a drop in the bucket.
      Let’s never forget HOMEBOYKRIS who died right after celebrating in the winners circle.
      The usual apologist lines ensued.
      SHAMROCK ROAD has disappeared off the radar, nobody knows where she is or ended up. Her last race was on 12/16/2018. Did she end up with one of the rescue people who comment here?
      HIT IT ONCE MORE (HIOM) This 5 year old horse has made over $500,000 and they are still squeezing him for more while hes “kept to the task” (meaning beaten/whipped), “tired badly,” vet scratches, 11 day rest etc etc.
      There’s no bottom when it comes to this vile industry and the vile people in it.

      • KAIGUN 8 yrs old, 46 races, earner of 1,480,170 ( no typo ) yes this horse made over 1 million dollars running in grade 1 and 2 races…..races for 80k runs 5th of 6th in a black type stake is off for 9 months and put up for 20k, i try to refrain speaking this way but fuck you mark casse and gary barber for dumping this horse. Horse was claimed by anthony adamo ( former gill trainer) for Bermuda Blue Farm, they now share ownership, the woodbine meet ended in december….where is this horse? Where will he end up. TRANSPARENT 750k yearling runs in grade 1 2 3 races in his hayday for godolphin is claimed for 50k on june 22 2016 by david jacobson….claimed for 32k on december 30,2016 by linda rice/ mike repole , is vanned off voided claim on febuary 5,2017 ( next race ) for 12,500 same connections shows up at park on may 23,2017 for scott lake/ mike repole stables is claimed for 5k by silvio martin/ ernesto padilla preciado hasnt ran since january 22 2018…….horses whereabouts unknown: … classic wildcat, harbor breeze, jills reflection and so many more

  13. Yes, indeed, where are these horses ? !! The outrageous answer is that they are more than likely hanging by a back leg while being bled out.
    The business of horse racing is ultra primitive and peopled by those who refuse, or are just not capable, of evolving along with the rest of humanity..

  14. Thanks Billy for this information.
    Mark Casse spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting child support back payments for his own children!!
    Ex-wife Patton requested from the Woodbine stewards that they take away his trainers license until he paid up and this is a very reasonable demand because trainers with outstanding feed or vet bills gets suspended often and reinstated once they square up the bill – very common in this industry.
    Mark Casse fills races for them at Woodbine so the rules didn’t apply to him and Woodbine continued to provide him with stalls, races, and unfettered access to the millions in purse money funded by Ontario taxpayers.
    So if a Dad has to be court ordered to pay for his own children, fights the Mother of his children portraying her as a digger, more or less, than how in the hell would he ever care about a horse??
    The THOUSANDS of racehorses that have gone through the never ending revolving door of Mark Casse’s barn is sickening and you would have to be a demented person with a piece of your heart missing to carry on this way.
    KAIGUN made over 1 million dollars and that STILL wasn’t even for multimillionaire CEO of MGM productions Gary Barber to take care of this horse.
    Low life blood sucking parasites and all the money in the world can’t cover up what these people are.

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