“Experienced a Catastrophic Injury” at Charles Town; Four Killed in One Day in Scotland

Charles Town, again. In the 7th last night, Weekend Liberty “experienced a catastrophic injury approaching the three-eighths pole and was euthanized” (Equibase). Weekend Liberty was five; ’twas his 29th time under the whip.

Then this: In a single day (Monday) at Musselburgh Racecourse in Scotland, four – yes, four – horses were killed: Kensukes Kingdom, Sierra Oscar, Leather Belly, and Smart Ruler. Three, it appears, suffered “catastrophic” leg injuries, while one simply collapsed, indicating a cardiac issue of one kind or another. Robin Mounsey of the British Horseracing Authority had this to say (Independent):

“The incidents at Musselburgh were extremely distressing for everyone involved in the sport, not least for the owners of the horses and the trainers and stable staff who cared for them through their lives.”

Yes, thoughts and prayers to the people responsible for the kills. Obscene.


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  1. The people that continue to run their horses at this death trap, knowing that it’s killing horses so frequently, deserve a special place in hell.

  2. Four (4) horses die at one meeting in Scotland and, as always when a sickening incident like this occurs, the industry declares how distressing it was for the connections and nothing about how distressing it was for the horses. One should not be surprised, because the global racing industry accepts its “much loved” horses breaking down and dying painful deaths on a daily basis. Horrendous.

    And, as always when a sickening incident like this occurs, the industry declares that an in-house investigation will be conducted. A protocol to satisfy themselves that they did all they could about the matter and an attempt to placate the public. Rest assured, the results of such investigations never seem to find any trainer, rider, owner, race club, veterinarian et al, were in any way (either directly or indirectly) responsible for these unacceptable deaths. Utterly shameful.

  3. At least they are making an effort to “investigate”, even if it’s a farce. Charles town management, stewards, and all its trainers, owners, and jockeys don’t seem to have any issues with their horses getting killed there with such frequency. And no big announcement from the West Virginia racing commission to look into it either, even if it is just a show of fake concern. It would be nice if they faked it, even just a little, and act as if they cared, which they clearly don’t. As I was told the other day, “racehorses are a commodity, they have to run”.

    • The WVRC is a JOKE – they truly are. I have to bite my tongue when I’m on the phone with any of the commission’s employees (so I don’t exclaim “Who the heck hired you?!?”)…some of them are completely silent when asked pointed questions. They don’t even know their own “rules” and “policies”. But there’s no higher authority that cares – and the horses be damned.

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