Four Kills in Two Days at Los Alamitos; Californians, Sign This Petition

From the most recent Minutes at Los Alamitos…

November 23, race 1: “Maddie Jane’s Bay clipped the heels of Heaven In Her Eyes and fell after which Heaven In Her Eyes appeared to be injured and was pulled up. Heaven In Her Eyes was euthanized on the track.

November 23, race 4: “Rebel On The Run, while racing in the clear, was injured and fell. Fandarel Dancer could not avoid the fallen horse and also went down. Rebel On The Run was euthanized on the track.

November 25, race 9: “Holy Schnikes, while racing in the clear, appeared to become injured, and fell. Holy Schnikes was euthanized on the track.

November 25, race 13: “Special Walk, while racing in the clear, appeared to suffer an injury. Special Walk was euthanized on the track.

Yes, that’s right, four kills – all in plain view – in two days. Californians, end this barbarity:

Heaven in Her Eyes, 2/21/15-11/23/18
Rebel On the Run, 5/14/15-11/23/18
Holy Schnikes, 1/23/16-11/25/18
Special Walk, 4/11/16-11/25/18


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  1. It’s so hard to understand why people enjoy this barbaric event, I cannot bring myself to call this a sport!!! Wake up people!! These poor animals 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  2. All for the love of money….because people who don’t care about their horses, let them run. And get killed. Makes m e want to puke.

  3. no more torture suffering and dying just for the evil of humans to make money off their souls enough is enough stop the madness

  4. This is not right. I know and I believe they can be healed and sell for $200 dollars to people who want to buy the race horse and let the horse run free or lay on grass to be lazy and breathing. This is sicken. I am against for anyone who use animals for money like horses, pitbull fights, greyhound dogs and roosters fights. SICK SICK. You, trainers, jockeys & owner of horses… you are selfish and stupid! Shame on fans as well. Don’t go!


  6. There is nothing entertaining about forcing an animal to perform. Anyone who supports this has blood on their hands.

  7. We are moving on, away from animal exploitation & murder. MONEY & human greed are the root of ALL suffering & keeping horse racing alive is KILLING horses!!

  8. What no vet van to take them in for X-rays how the hell can you call yourselves vets with out checking the horse out even a broken leg can be fixed just look back at fabulous w he had a broken leg and came back to run in a few more races just don’t understand how you can be so uncaring.

  9. Dr. Ed Allred owns the racetrack, Los Alamitos, where these deaths occurred.
    He’s 82 years old, isn’t married, no kids, and a heavy gambler.
    He owns many of the racehorses stabled there, he runs and owns the meet.
    He pretty much controls the local city council there that goes to no lengths to prevent the town from shutting him down because there are many people who want it shut down, but the tides are turning, and people who live in close proximity has challenged his legality there re: zoning.
    I don’t understand it because I’m not a legal person, but it seems that Los Alamitos really shouldn’t be there to begin with.
    So Allred hired high powered attorneys to actually REZONE the entire county to keep his track there and to further develop it, but it was defeated by a local group last year, so he has reapplied.
    His old cronies on the payroll have either retired or died so this younger group in city council is more reflective of the community, and wants the track shut down, but Allred is hell bent on killing racehorses for his personal gambling needs and those of others.
    Allred ensures that names are not released, but we got the names of these poor racehorses who died.
    These apologists need to be kicked out of every single county especially in California.
    San Luis Rey Downs should have been shut down a long time ago.
    These tracks are a reminder of a male dominated antiquated business model solely based on the exploitation of a weaker species.
    They have GOT TO GO – every single one of them, and they will be shut down.
    It’s just a matter of time.
    Signed and shared the petition.

    • Thank You for the specific insight. Due diligence = We need to Bombard the City Council & Gov’t for these Districts (RaceTracks) and let this HORRIFIC TRUTH GET OUT TO NEW GENERATION OF VOTERS WHO ACTUALLY CARE….old greedy bastards need to go NOW. No More ANY Animal Suffering for human Entertainment – 🚫

  10. You dont belong on a horse u lousy abusive trainers n jockes close here down animal abuse..
    Wr have horses n be dam if any body will do them

  11. This is horrible, disgusting. They need to ban racing. These people don’t care about the horses. It’s all about money and their egos. They say some are doped up and who knows what else. They are disgusting. Please save these horses from this horrible life

  12. What a bunch of egomaniac creeps! This is totally disgusting, sick, and these creeps are barbarians! Where the hell are the OWNERS OF THESE HORSES!
    The vets, jockeys, owners and patrons should ALL be jailed!
    How can these patrons sit there and enjoy this?

    • Many horses are owned by other Countries – They would rather kill them than pay for Vet care – delay in shipping horsrs ti next race track. They are an expendable commodity, like any other disposable/easily replaceable item. GREED has overtaken Humanity. USA allows it because we want Foreign $$ to keep flowing through our Banks. NO rules anymore for the uber-wealthy spoiled aholez & NO Borders for just THEM. (Only the poor/middle-class have ANY Rules/Oversight… Most being unfair/unjust.. A Pathetic Horrific TRUTH).

  13. I’ve lived in the Bay Area most of my life, over 55 years now. My husbands fam is old SF. They Voted for you Gavin Newsom – all 36+ of them. Show you’re the man we hope you are and claim to be. Do the RIGHT thing and STOP this barbaric entertainment – For the love of God, show everyone that CA has HUMANITY in it’s heart vs Greed & end Horse Racing NOW.

    • Wilhelmina, thanks for your comments.
      As you probably are aware, GOLDEN GATE FIELDS in San Francisco is owned by The Stronach Group (TSG).
      TSG, who is now embroiled in a legal battle against their Chairman, daughter Belinda, over misuse of funds and other legal things; the outcome of which remains to be seen, but could possibly mean the shut down of many tracks.
      When I was in California a confidential report was issued recognizing that the racetracks were once built in low residential zones since the original permits state this (if they haven’t arbitrarily changed this), but are now located in high density residential zones that were not originally intended to be located there due to a multitude of factors one being the high pollution emissions into the residential water systems including Del Mar on the ocean.
      I don’t live in California, but it seems reasonable to me that the state of California will, thankfully, be the first state to kick these racetracks, and their murder show the hell out of that state.
      Here’s the The Stronach Group website if anybody cares to leave a comment about horse racing:

  14. With 4 horses dying in half as many days you might as well call horseracing what it really is… a slaughterhouse?!

  15. How did horses who give nothing but love and serve so willingly for so little in return become so expendable????????

  16. $&@# barbarism for the amusement and entertainment of humans. May each of these horses run free in the next world away from humans.

  17. Another brutally cruel, depravedly indifferent day at the races — but only for the HORSES and those of us who respect & love them — SHAME ON ALL WHO TURN A BLIND EYE to the suffering of these magnificent animals from Day #1 to their premature deaths — WHERE are our standards? — WHERE is our rationality? — WHERE is our compassion? — WHERE is our morality? — Is all this solely for the bottom line — something’s VERY WRONG here.

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