Horse “Wins,” Then Dies

The 4th at Charles Town last night, as relayed by Equibase: “STELLA NOVA…rounded the turn off the rail, steadily progressed through the stretch to get up at the wire but was fatally injured shortly past the wire and had to be euthanized.” The good news, she “won” – banking $15,000 for her people before dying. Vile.


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  1. It is so very sad that these beautiful horses are only used to make money, if they don’t, they are thrown away!

  2. Jesus H Christ what is the matter with you god damn people. It is always and always about the money and never about the horse. What the hell does it mean a few steps passed the finish line and she is hurt and had to be euthanized???? This story is just so tragic and for the owners and trainers of this horse you should all go to hell each and every one of you – none of you are horses lovers that I can guarantee but what you really are – are a bunch of losers to profit from the abuse you place on these gorgeous animals. May your judgment day be so incredibly hard for each of you and may you all end up in hell where you belong. You see my Dad and i raced horses and never had an injury while training or on the track. We won many many races and after the horses were finished racing I rode them to become pleasure horses for people who wanted a sound and reliable animal. Unfortunately none of you people would even know what I am talking about. You are all so pathetic!!!

    • So very very well said Cathy; horseracing is so pathetically cruel. These “babies” at 2, 3, 4 yrs old are living and eating in their stalls then they are raced and pushed to kill them; these owners, trainers, jockeys, volunteers all of them should go to hell; it is all ABOUT GREED AND MONEY; these magnificent animals do not deserve to die such cruel deaths, they don’t have a chance when they are imprisoned in the racing hell. HORSE RACING MUST END, FOREVER!

      • Hi Denise, I totally agree with your comment as well. What I can not believe is how “young” they start these poor animals. I wish that all of the horse racing could be banned. These people involved in it are totally only there fore the “bucks” and not a god damn care about the poor horses. It is so sad to see all of this abuse that is going on daily – OMG it is just the worst and the people are just total assholes and I don’t care who they are they are all basically the same. The $’s and that is it. When we had our race horses my Dad had his own race track on his property along with a starting gate. Our horses were so well cared for and if the racing wasn’t for them they came back home to be trained as saddle horses – we never ever put a horse down nor did we ever sell a horse that we did not do followup on where they ended up. Only once did we buy back a horse because he was not being cared for the way we wanted him to be. My Dad was the real “horse whisperer” he had such an incredible attachment to the horses and they loved him back unconditionally it was truly something to see. I only wish more people had the same feelings towards these majestic animals.

  3. Suck their blood, break their bones, suck the life right out of them – this is one gigantic SNUFF show conducted by the parasitic human leeches.
    Nothing more – nothing less.
    Every single one of you are worse than the manure and dead piles that you are solely responsible for.
    The racehorses will, one day, have their voices heard when this blood business shuts down.
    STELLA NOVA may your spirit haunt those who killed you for the rest of their parasitic lives.

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