A Kill at Del Mar

According to the (Equibase) chart for the 2nd at Del Mar Saturday, Tribal Ann “took a bad step, was pulled up in distress and [ultimately] vanned off.” We now know that the 4-year-old filly under the whip for the second time is dead, as reported by the Los Angeles Times: “In sad news, Tribal Ann…broke down in the second race on the far turn. She was euthanized back at the barn.” “Sad” doesn’t begin to describe it.


  1. Denise,
    You are preaching to the choir. Please, send your concerns to the Jockey Club and ask them why so many horses are being whipped and abused to the point of DYING! If you can shut down the Jockey Club (the horse registration organisation) everything else comes into line.

    • I firmly believe it’s the market — it’s the customers — who participate, who bet, on a regular basis throughout the year, year-in year-out, not to mention the annual big races — the more people KNOW about the depraved cruelties to horses, the better they can decide on NOT to continue to participate in this industry — the money must roll in from somewhere — lessen the customer base, the less money coming in.

      • Have any of you actually protested at a horse race? I have for a couple of years now. You should hear the depraved, nasty things people say as they pass us when they are walking in. There are people who continue to come year after year. We recognize the same faces again and again. Our organizer asked one woman who comes ALL the time, if she’d actually seen a horse fall on the track and be euthanized (covered up of course). she said she had, yet continues to return. These people are heartless. The horses are just a commodity to them. This woman actually also punched our organizer when she was doing nothing but handing out leaflets. We had to call the PD.

  2. Racing horses for human entertainment is inhumane! Let the humans race under the same conditions as horses!

  3. One would think with all the so called bad steps and bad hearts that these so called breeders would take a better look and do some deep research on the pedigrees. and how they are breeding ?

  4. I see that SHAMROCK ROAD was scratched by a veterinarian at Mahoning Valley on December 4, 2018. Ever since he was raced into the ground as a baby, he’s been going downhill. This gelding has been racing for 4 years now, presented to race yesterday and scratched because a vet found him not suitable to race. What next for SHAMROCK ROAD ?
    Will his breeder and original owner, EDWARD CHARLES SEXTON save him from the slaughter pipeline ?

  5. TRIBAL ANN yet another victim of this horrific business and the horrific people in it.
    She had 2 starts.
    Her first start she finished last by 20+ lengths struggling to get through the race on the replay.
    Yet, her breeder/owner continued, and of course the secret doping/vet records won’t reveal what issues were probably present during this time.
    Add into the mix the fact that she stabled and trained at San Luis Rey Downs.
    All paperwork that I saw clearly stated that the track was unsafe for training and was a major contributor to racehorse breakdowns.
    I don’t know if they have done any work to that track since 2005, but lots of people were trying to shut that track down because it has a permanent dangerous dip in the track that is visible to the eyes.
    In fact, the report claimed that the track was so unsafe that it could not be repaired because the dip was so deep and there was water leakage underground.
    Just like the water and soil contamination reports this report probably got buried and is long forgotten.
    Nevertheless, safe or unsafe conditions doesn’t matter to the apologists they have no problem risking the life of their family “members,” and they have no problem with them dying.
    They just go out the next day and start all over again with their next victim.
    This is horse racing.

  6. Remember what the documentary “Blackfish”did for the whales, what we need is a “Blackhorse” version. Go for it Denise, start a “Go Fund Me” and hire that person. I will support it, I bet lots of others would too!

  7. Let’s dress up in their finery, all the spectators, and all those involved and who support the horse racing industry – right on down to the stall cleaners. Put a halter and of course a bit on them. Pull real hard and kick and whip them while they run around the track. Yank hard when they begin to fall or trip. Yell obscenities and demeaning comments at them. If they survive the track whip them again and kick and poke them with some sharp instrument till they bleed. Don’t forget to brush them.

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