“Suffered Catastrophic Injury” – Dead at Parx

The Equibase line for Bird of Trey in the 2nd at Parx yesterday afternoon: “chasing in the four path, suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front midway on the turn and was euthanized.” Bird of Trey was five; ’twas his 31st time under the whip.


  1. BIRD OF TREY – so sorry for you.
    You burst onto the scene as a 2 year-old and consistently performed in black type stake races, at the top of your game, earning over $200,000 for your breeder/owner “JRita Young Thoroughbreds, LLC.”
    Like all apologists who love their horses like “family” you were dumped after being maimed and/or when they knew that you would no longer be able to perform at the upper levels of the game.
    Just like dumping your son or daughter alongside of the road this is how they treat their “family.”
    You changed hands while being dumped into the claiming ranks where you ended up in the hands of a very evil person and racehorse abuser/killer/doper/cheater – JAMIE NESS (JN)
    JN has an extensive, lengthy record of coping, cheating, and/or killing racehorses.
    His suspensions by racing commissions are lengthy, and in order to get suspended in this industry it has to be very bad.
    For example, last year in February 2017 JN reached an “agreement” with the Florida regulators in which he received a 100 day suspension for multiple doping violations.
    Nobody will ever know what he shoved into Bird of Trey to get him to perform, but it seems likely that an ongoing, chronic issues, that the previous owners were probably well aware of, was passed on in the claiming ranks because NO medical records follows the horse, which not only subjects them to extensive repeated invasive procedures, but leaves them completely at the mercy, and vulnerable to the rigors of racing often resulting in death.
    This has been going on for years, and the industry is instrumental in covering-up and facilitating unsafe working environments for both the equine and the human personnel (although people have choices), but it’s still a game of Russian Roulette and Bird of Trey paid the ultimate price.
    SHAME on the owner/breeder JRita Young Thoroughbreds – you are a disgusting parasite that should have given this horse a safe landing and grassy paddock, but what can anybody expect from somebody who is completely devoid of compassion and who is morally bankrupt.

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