Two More Kills in NY

Three Perfections, five, was killed in the 3rd at Aqueduct yesterday. According to the Equibase writer, he “took a bad step…suffering a catastrophic injury and was placed to a protective hold and expertly pulled up but unfortunately had to be euthanized on track.” “Placed to a protective hold and expertly pulled up” – as if the complicit jockey merits some sort of commendation. In his last finished race, October 14 at Belmont, Three Perfections brought up the rear, some 44 lengths back.

Also from New York: The Gaming Commission reports that 3-year-old Malibu Strings is dead – “injured breezing [at] Belmont [Thursday]; sent to Ruffian center, x-rayed, poor prognosis; euthanasia chosen.”

Dead horses every day – this is horseracing.


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  1. James A. Jerkens, son of Hall of (SH)ame trainer Jimmy Jerkens who maimed and killed lots of racehorses during his murderous “career” – a pre-requisite to be inducted into the Racing Hall of (SH)ame.
    THREE PERFECTIONS – so sorry for you.
    As pointed out, TP finished some 44 lengths back, and for all we know, he could have been running with a fracture or torn ligament, but the “secret” doping/medical records will ensure non-transparency.
    Any trainer that continues on a horse with an issue should be charged with animal cruelty, but the industry protects these inhumane practices so that races can be filled, subsequently increasing wagering profits.
    It seems evident that the public is now well aware of the legalized torture chamber being carried out daily on tracks all over North America since their wagering is not enough to financially sustain them.
    However, it’s the stupid politicians – this industry counts on ignorant politicians to continue throwing precious taxpayers money and/or casino profits their way.
    It seems obvious that politicians are getting a “cut” from the billions or they are financially gaining by organizing with the tracks to rip-off taxpayers.
    The entire Pennsylvania track system should be shut down, and it should immediately cease all funding to tracks to keep this death camp going as the corruption runs deep while the racehorses are paying with their lives.
    It’s time for people to bang on the door of their politicians and demand that they stop supporting this vile business.

    • The politicians are not “stupid” nor are they “ignorant”. They are in the pocket of the corrupt racing business. Just like the gambling business they support, money/power is far more iimportant to them than integrity.
      There is no accountability in racing and the same can be said for politics.

      • They go together like bread and butter.
        Getting the politicians to stop funding this money pit, and death camp is going to be the biggest challenge to ending this vile business.

  2. Jerkens comment on Three Perfections was that he was “kind” and “almost like a family member”. Here we go with the family crap again. Too bad he was willing to put that kind almost family member in harm’s way. Another dead family member.

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