A Kill at Penn; “Deceased” at Del Mar

The end for 3-year-old Call Me Squirt at Penn last night, as relayed by Equibase: “CALL ME SQUIRT dueled for the lead on the outside going tow wide around the turn, broke his right front at the eighth pole, was pulled up then euthanized.”

In the most recent Stewards Minutes from Del Mar comes word of one “deceased” racehorse for Nov 19-Nov 25 – identity withheld.

This is horseracing.


  1. They are so unlucky to be born thoroughbreds with only a few being hailed as champions even as they give their lives for their owners. Why would owners withhold the name of a deceased racehorse?

  2. I Live in San Diego and will be out at the track at Del Mar protesting today. Been out there for a long time during the summer races. There are others that protest with me that have been out there for YEARS.

  3. Good example of how fragmented this “sport” is. Each state, and even tracks, make it’s own rules and they are never challenged. Pretty amazing.
    However, the one thing each state and each track has in common is the lack of any rules to protect the horse. Horse abuse is the one common “rule” to be found in this business.

  4. Call me squirt: raced on 10/27/18…chart says, CALL ME SQUIRT pressed inside the early leader, opened a short lead inside horses while in the three path on the turn, ran out entering the
    stretch and couldn’t stay with the winner…..was listed on canter on 11/3/18…..posted the fastest workout at 3f on 11/24/18…..breaks down racing on 11/30/18…..1000 bucks wasnt good enough?…..being involved in rodeo,being a trainer and breeder having the farm you do, you couldnt find this horse a good home? Or is it just the money i hear you braggin about while out galloping in the morning?……regardless if this was the owners choice or yours im damn tired of seeing this…..the ridiculous part of this is with racing being protected in pa and having some of the best purse structure country wide this continues to be the status quo of the industry, its greed at the horses expense period.

  5. Lethal lil lady races sat came in last again cant she go to turning for home give her a break from racing she never is close dont let her die at the track she must be hurting dont want to run anymore

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