Chronic Animal Abuser Marcial Ramirez Tests Positive for Meth – and Yet Retains His Jockey License

The most recent minutes from Los Alamitos reveal “one equine death due to racing injuries” for Nov 16-Nov 18. While the identity of the dead horse was not disclosed, we can, based on the charts, fairly surmise it was either Arizona Icon, “injured, vanned off” on the 17th, or Vip Firm, “vanned off” the next day.

In addition, among several “excessive whipping” (funny, huh?) violations was this one: “Jockey Cesar Franco is fined $300 for…[striking] his mount approximately twenty times in the final one sixteenth mile of the race.” Yes, that’s 20 blows in 1/16th of a mile. $300. And worse, ’twas his third “offense” in the past two months. Imagine that.

And finally, this: “Jockey Marcial Ramirez was in the office this evening in response to a complaint filed against him by the Board…according to the complaint, Mr. Ramirez was observed on the backside appearing to be under the influence of drugs. His eyes were bloodshot and his coordination was suspect. The investigators attempted to obtain a urine sample from him, but when that did not work an oral swab was used. The test confirmed the presence of Methamphetamine. Mr. Ramirez gave conflicting versions of Methamphetamine use, stating that he had used for several years, then…the day he tested positive was the first time he had used.”

Why is this noteworthy? This is the same Marcial Ramirez whom I wrote about just last month – the chronic animal-abuser Marcial Ramirez. Given all that, one would think Racing would forever ban this man from being around its horses. One, of course, would be wrong. For you see, Mr. Ramirez merely received a two-month suspension and ongoing probation. Horseracing’s “integrity” laid bare for all to see, again.


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  1. Appealing a sentence is expected and commonplace in the horse racing industry.
    The majority of appeals are either overturned or greatly reduce the already measly fine originally given.
    Just as the cruelty, and abuse of racehorses is widespread so is the abuse of any rule or regulation in place.
    In short, cheaters and animal abusers/killers prosper.
    Meaningful suspensions are rare, and it usually takes years for the industry to ban a trainer or jockey who has been blatantly abusing horses and the system for years.
    I watched this go on year in and year out, and the only conclusion that seems plausible is that many of these cheating, doping, killing trainers/jockeys are obviously connected to members of the racing commission/Jockey Club, track CEO’s and/or wagering outlets such as the HBPA.
    These entities directly prosper from the lack of oversight and enforcement, own racehorses, usually have “representatives” in the drug testing barn or sitting on the doping committees to keep abreast on what drugs they are testing for and when – indeed the corruption seems to run very deep.
    This all translates to the ingrained daily abuse and killing of their voiceless, defenseless victims: racehorses.
    They are the true victims here while they get maimed and die for $2 bets.
    This business has been running its own private death camp for too many years now.
    It’s time to hold them accountable and transparent until they are shut down because shutting them down is the only way to eliminate the systemic, and widespread abuse/killing of racehorses.

  2. I agree 100% and left the business as my heart and my values could not take it. But this isn’t just isolated to horse racing this also happens in Horse Showing at all levels and all breeds, along with dog racing and dog showing.

  3. I want to leave a comment, but I can’t put into writing what I think of the “racing commission” and their head in the sand actions on this outrageous abuse of these magnificent animals!!

  4. Substance abuse issues are rampant on the backside of most tracks. And amongst the jockey colonies, it’s even more prevalent for weight management, pain management, and to make them ride more aggressively due to inhibitions being lowered. I knew a jockey who admitted he rode better when he was drugged up because he lost his fear. No wonder they are willing to put themeselves and their mounts into harm’s way and riding recklessly, clipping heels, and whipping the crap out of their horses.

    • The fact that this sadist is still allowed to ride and is still getting mounts just shows that racing, at very level, is complicit in horse abuse.. The owners and the trainers that allow this rider to mount their horses clearly state they do not give a damn about their horses.

  5. Since this is California horse racing, and you want to get the BAN, this petition would not do the job. I believed the way to get anything into law by citizens is to get up a Proposition on the Ballot for voters??? The Humane Society of US is good at getting ballot for a VOTE. I suggest you contact them and see how they can HELP YOU. I believed the only people that will be terribly disappointed would be the “cheap’ $2 gamblers. they can go to Las Vegas and bet big bucks instead. and the horse owners should change their occupation from “Professional GLORIFIED HORSE RAPISTS’ and slavemasters and use their land to GROW HEMP FOR OUR TOILET PAPER.

      • Good reason to boycott the HSUS. Betcha if a lot of their contributing members learned about this they would at least threaten to boycott them too until they changed their ways.What a contradiction. The agency that claims to prevent animal abuse is actually green lighting another form of it. That’s one charity that I’m glad that I’ve never donated to.

    • Ballots are the best way to make long term, lasting change. But the issue really is that people need to stop thinking of all animals as props for entertainment and profit. This underlying value is at the heart of all animal abuse issues. Any person who believes its ok to abuse and kill animals for sport, profit or entertainment should be in jail, penniless, homeless or dead. There is no sugar coating this, these people should not be allowed in civilized society…PERIOD! But they are not only allowed, they are often celebrated and revered…we should all feel immense shame! Perhaps the new congress will find some moral backbone??

  6. “Why is this noteworthy? This is the same Marcial Ramirez whom I wrote about just last month – the chronic animal-abuser Marcial Ramirez.”

    Find him. Follow him. Report him. What dealer does he get his meth from? What bars does he hang out at? How does he treat his family (i.e, especially wife/kids if he has them). We all know the common link between serial animal abusers and wife/child abusers. That’s why we have cops. That’s why we have the DEA. That’s why we have the local DA.

    Just my own two cents on the matter.


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