“Suffered a Severe Injury” – Dead

From the 7th at Turf yesterday: “Oh Yes I Did suffered a severe injury…then was euthanized” (Equibase). Oh Yes I Did was three; she was “For Sale” the day she died.

From the most recent minutes (November 9-11) at Los Alamitos: “One equine death was reported due to racing injuries.” The victim, however, remains unidentified.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Nine races at only three years old – started racing at the very immature age of 2 – like the majority of racehorses. A racing breeder who boasts the lucrative use of her mare’s body to produce foals she then sells (“she’s paid for my house and my children’s education!”), posted about how cruel showing the Big Lick horses at only two years of age is. Laughable coming from an abuser like her….whose own industry does the very same.

    I’m sorry, Oh Yes I Did. You mattered to us.

  2. True to form, Los Alamitos intentionally neglects a) to name the racehorse who suffered a cruel death serving the racing industry, and
    b) to disclose the nature of the injuries sustained by this innocent horse.
    No respect or dignity afforded to this racehorse, unlike the elite horses that suffer the same fate.

  3. Los Alamitos is owned by 81 year old Dr. Ed Allred.
    He’s another apologist who describes himself as “passionate” about horse racing just like Frank Stronach.
    Dr. Allred is a prolific horse racing gambler, and owns many of the racehorses racing at his property.
    He essentially runs his own private death camp with absolutely no neutral oversight whatsoever.
    He’s had hundreds of racehorses die on his track over the years that were owned by him.
    From the articles I’ve reviewed in the local paper it becomes abundantly clear that he pretty much tells the local politicians and city hall there what to do, and that includes leaving horse racing alone.
    He’s been featured in many mainstream articles depicting him as a hero when there is never one mention of the hundreds of horses getting mangled, maimed, dumped, and killed on his tracks.
    So he intentionally ensures that his private death camp remains private and that’s why names are not released.
    A vile business with vile people in it – this is horse racing.

  4. A few months back lethal lil lady was running every week now she got some rest now she back running at parx entered in saturdays 1st race she is 9 yrs old she should be retired from

    • A nine (9) year old mare simply should not be racing. 9 is young for a horse but a 9 year old racehorse, especially a mare, has a huge amount of wear and tear on her body and most mares are on a drug to stop them from going into season.

  5. At parx this sat dec 1 clowney running for 5000 claiming race last sat nov 24 he was in for 16000 why big drop in 1 week he was previously pat farros i hope he dont go lower than 5000 he used to be running in allowance races

    • The ongoing abuse of CLOWNEY is pathetic and exemplifies how vile these people are.
      The PP’s reveal a racehorse whose been struggling throughout his career including a DNF.
      Unfortunately for him, he does perform once in a while and brings in a check.
      This, of course, attracts the sharks and there are plenty of them on the track.
      I counted a minimum of 5 trainers who have claimed and raced this horse in the last 4 years so that translates to repeated invasive procedures because the medical records don’t follow them.
      It seems obvious to me that Clowney has some issues, and goes from barn to barn.
      There were starts where he only had 8 days rest!
      One of the human parasites is the infamous Patricia Farro who claimed him and ran him for 2 races until he got claimed yet again.
      This lady would be thrown in jail for animal cruelty if she were in any other setting.
      Her complete lack of morality is evident as her stable is a never ending revolving door of racehorses who are, very often, maimed or die under her “care.”
      A pathetic human being.

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