Kills at Finger Lakes, Golden Gate

In the 3rd at Finger Lakes last Thursday, Last Chant was said (by Equibase) to have “weakened” en route to a second-to-last, 14 lengths-back finish. Turns out, the 3-year-old suffered a break and, says the Gaming Commission, was euthanized. Dead. It was, by the way, his third time under the whip for trainer Amber Cobb in less than three weeks; in his penultimate race (November 5), he finished last, 17 back.

From the most recent Stewards Minutes at Golden Gate, November 11: “A horse trained by Jerry Hollendorfer suffered a fatal injury. An accident report will follow.” The promised “report,” however, did not follow; thus, the victim remains anonymous.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Finger Lakes would have been shut down by now if it weren’t for Gov. Cuomo coming to their rescue with millions in taxpayers/casino money.
    Again, the politicians bailing out a dying business that should have been left to die just like all the racehorses they kill.
    Finger Lakes is one of the lowest on the rungs of these hell holes,but they all are.
    Frank Stronach owned Golden Gate shouldn’t even exist.
    This racing apologist provides the facilities where hundreds of racehorses have died over the years.
    He owns wagering outlets and they stand down when these horrific incidents occur even protecting the vile people who do this so he is an executioner as far as I’m concerned.
    I bet you that Golden Gate doesn’t even have fire sprinklers or Emergency evacuation procedures in place despite the fires, smoke, and earthquakes.
    I’ll tell you why – they just don’t care about racehorses dying, and I’ve heard him often claim that they are the property of the owners so they can’t do anything anyways.
    How convenient is that?
    Brushing-off the massive suffering and dying of racehorses to fill his wagering coffers.
    What a vile human being.

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