For $2 Bets

Last week in U.S. Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse Racing

Confirmed Killed
Love to Party, Charles Town (“fell…and had to be euthanized”)
Mischievous Star, Penn (“went bad…euthanized”)
Andesine, Aqueduct

“Vanned Off” – many if not most will resurface on my year-end FOIA Kill-Reports
Abc U Later, Zia
Caurenta, Aqueduct
Super Duper Girl, Gulfstream W
Makin the Dough, Remington
Half Sexy, Delta
Raspberry Swirl, Gulfstream W
Force Five, Gulfstream W
Surprise Prize, Churchill
Mega Bucks, Gulfstream W
Outamoway Girls, Remington
Oltigbitties, Will Rogers
Jess White Wine, Zia
Big Red N Bodacious, Zia
Youngin’ Fearless, Churchill
Pebble Slinger, Churchill
Graham’s Way, Gulfstream W
Romolina, Turf
Fast Regard, Zia

“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” – typically, pulmonary hemorrhage
Theycalledhimbig, Delta
Bordini, Churchill (also vanned off)
Sindys Luck, Delta (also vanned off)
First Class Blitz, Zia
Dee Favorite Girl, Zia

(source: Equibase)


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  1. I email ,I write “officials”. There is no response. They have nothing to say because they are all guilty. Everyone must keep up the pressure.

    • Thank you for that reminder. I must do the same, Mary. So must all of us. E-mail, write letters and make calls! Very important!

  2. When is this evil sport going to end across America and when are these evil people going to stop killing these beautiful, young horses. This is disgraceful and must stop the mental callousness in this country that animals are disposible

  3. Like all prior death or “vanned-off” lists the PP’s reflect a horse that either had some issues and/or was suffering prior to breaking down.
    Again, the secret doping/vet records would only provide collusion and transparency that these horses are continually doped up to keep them going.
    The more dope they get, the higher the risk of that masked injury finally giving way.
    So these connections are fully aware of the risk and they play a game of Russian Roulette every time they send a horse out also risking human lives as well.
    GRAHAM’S WAY “royally-bred,” but sent to an executioner, Mike Stidham, who has a trail of dead racehorses with really ugly breakdowns under his belt.
    From the owners, to the trainers and everything in between there are only abusers, and enablers of the abuse, maiming, dumping, dying – this is horse racing.

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